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How to Correctly Assess the Quality of Inkjet Printing?

Evaluating the print quality a specific inkjet printer can deliver is more complicated than it seems. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is printing resolution. But can we just rely on the number of dots per inch (dpi) or the number of nozzles per inch (NPI) that the print head can print as […]

Ink drying, print head clogging, maintenance strategy of inkjet printer in summer

Inkjet printer has become one of the indispensable electronic devices in our daily life and work. With the development of high-tech technology, inkjet printers can not only achieve high-speed printing, but also print better and better, which can completely replace the traditional printing methods. However, under the high-temperature weather in summer, due to the increase […]

Nice Cooperation With Indian Client

In July, I received an inquiry from an Indian client: Sunil, he told me that need some spare parts recently. I answered his request and asked him what his details demands were. The next day, he sent me his requirement list. So from this day, we started to communicate almost every day.I sent him spare […]

Infinity FY-3208 Printer Spare Parts Orders from Nigerian Client

An Nigerian engineer dissemble the old machine and fix the problem machine for his own client. He ask for some spare parts for an infinity FY-3208 printer. Like pinch roller, printhead carriage chain, switch 15A 240v, leakage circuit breakers, infinity clips (to keep the stable of the printing material), fan, emergency button, infinity 4color switch, […]

Printer Upgrade from DX5 Head into Epson XP600 Head Installed in Mexico

Printer upgrade from DX5 print head printer into epson XP600 print head printer, now installed in Mexico successfully. Recently, we sold a lot XP600 board kits to many customers from different countries. They changed their damaged, slow, old-times printer into new printer with new technology-Epson XP600 print head printer. Epson XP600 print head’s speed is […]

This is why I make business with you—from Panama Clients

In a highly competitive market environment, how to provide customers with a good shopping experience?  How to establish long-term partnerships? You will find a lot of articles from, so I will not repeat them. Sometimes, only one tiny step will let you win the battle. I am glad to share my experience with you. […]

Johope March 2023 Sales Activities

All printing friends! We only have 10 days left in our promotion, our campaign will end on March 31, 2023. We have many ways for you to get a discount. We have a special offer for the DX7 print head, XP600 print head, and I3200 print head. In addition to these, we have other printer […]

What is the Industrial Chain and Demand Scale of China’s Thermal Industry?

ThermalPrintHead (TPH) is a key part of a thermal printer, which adopts the principle of the Joule thermal effect and is controlled by related logic components to realize information printing. The upstream of the thermal printing head is composed of the heating part, wiring layer, insulation layer, resistance layer, substrate, etc. Downstream is thermal printer […]

Do You Know When Ricoh Officially Launched the Industrial Inkjet RICOH TH6310F?

RICOH TH6310F printhead

As reported by Mams Consulting, Ricoh Corporation has recently unveiled its latest industrial-grade inkjet printhead: the RICOH TH6310F. This cutting-edge printhead incorporates advanced thin-film piezoelectric actuators, a pivotal component in digital printing systems. The RICOH TH6310F was globally launched on November 23, 2021. Distinguished as the flagship model within Ricoh’s industrial-grade inkjet printhead series, the […]

In Today’s Market, why are UV Flatbed Printers More and More Popular?

Printers are very common office equipment in modern people’s life. With frequent use, people have higher and higher requirements for it. Therefore, different types of products have appeared on the market to meet people’s needs. UV printers have also appeared on many occasions. Many people must be curious about this new product and want to […]

Chinese Printing Printer with Wrong Question Sorting Software

Domestic printing brand Hanyin In the era when printers were not yet popular, students could only copy them by hand when they needed to redo the test papers or organize the wrong set of questions; Even if there is a traditional printer later, it is necessary to remove the handwriting “P” on the test paper […]

Why is the Industrial Printhead the Right Choice For Industrial UV Printer ?

Interlaced like a mountain, in the UV printer market, after more than ten years of market reshuffle, the industry has entered a relatively transparent stage. However, with the popularity of UV digital printing in the industrial field, many new partners from all walks of life who have heard the news are full of curiosity and […]

2022 Inkjet Printer Supplies Shopping Guide: Cartridge or Ink

The cost of using a printer not only includes the price of the printer but also the cost of consumables in the later stage of the printer. You should pay more attention to the cost of printer supplies when purchasing a printer.   Inkjet printer classification Inkjet printers can be divided into two types: “cartridge […]

Which printer head is Better for Large Format Printer?

At present, the three most common large-format print heads in the industry are Epson, Toshiba, and Ricoh. The life, accuracy, and stability of the print head directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the print head. Cheap print heads are not as expensive as expensive ones. […]

Which is Better for UV Printer Print Head?

Now there are many Epson print heads on the market, some mid-to-high-end UV printers will use industrial print heads, Ricoh GEN5 print heads, fast speed, high precision, strong stability, and longer life of the print head! Great value for money! The ink dot is 7PL, and the printing speed is three times that of the […]

2022 Newest UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Print Head

Now more than 75% of customers in the market are using Ricoh print head UV flatbed printers. However, many friends who are new to UV flatbed printers will choose Ricoh’s machines after understanding the market. Among them, Ricoh’s print head is more durable, and it is compared with big data according to market after-sales feedback. […]

Brazilian Clients Visit Johope After Shanghai Appp Expo

Shanghai APPP expo held in March. When finished expos, we invited them to visit Johope to know what we do, how the ink pump makes, and how to make dampers, OEM sub tanks. Also, when we have events in sales, we would like to invite them to join us. You will see that Luis attended […]