How to Maintain the Print Head of Inkjet Printer During the Long Holiday?

How should we maintain the inkjet printer during the holidays? Here are some suggestions for you, I hope they will be helpful to you. Ways to Maintain the Inkjet Printers 1. If the company has someone on duty during the holidays, please print a nozzle test strip every day to check whether the print head […]

Piezoelectric Print Heads vs Thermal Print Heads

In the two articles before, we have introduced the thermal foaming and piezoelectric inkjet printing technologies respectively. This issue mainly introduces the technical comparison of the inkjet print heads used in the two inkjet printing technologies. Inkjet printing technology is one of the mainstream printing technologies. It is fundamentally different from laser printers and dot […]

Thermal Foaming Inkjet Printing Technology: All You Need to Know

Overall Working Principle of the Printer Since the invention of continuous inkjet technology by a professor at Stanford University in the 1960s, the development history of inkjet printers has been rapid. Today in the 21st century, common inkjet printers now have thermal foaming inkjet printers and piezoelectric inkjet printers, so common inkjet printheads are mainly […]

2023 SIGN ISTANBUL Was a Success!

On September 24, 2023, the four-day Turkish Advertising Exhibition (SIGN ISTANBUL) came to an end. As the largest advertising technology and outdoor equipment exhibition in Turkey, it is an open platform for enterprises to display scientific and technological achievements and expand the market. JOHOPE Technology also actively participated in this exhibition with the fullest enthusiasm. […]

2023 Mid-Autumn Festival & Chinese National Day Holiday Notice

Dear valued customers, Please be informed that our office will be closed for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day from 29 September (Friday) to 4 October (Wednesday) We will resume our business on 5 October 2023 (Thursday) We could accept orders but couldn’t ship during the holiday. The orders can be shipped from Oct.5th, […]

Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing Technology: All You Need to Know

The printhead is one of the key components of an inkjet printer. It is mainly responsible for ejecting ink at high speed when the inkjet printer is working so that it can form an image on the printing medium. Common printheads of inkjet printers mainly include thermal (heat-sensitive) printheads and piezoelectric printheads. Piezoelectric printheads refer […]

JOHOPE’s Third Time to Enter Turkish Market

SIGN ISTANBUL (24th International Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Fair) will open its door from September 21 to 24, 2023. As the largest advertising technology and outdoor equipment exhibition in Turkey, SIGN ISTANBUL brings together exhibitors and sellers from other countries including Europe, Africa, Asia, America, the Middle East, CIS countries, and the Balkans. […]

Join Us in the 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition

The 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition officially kicked off on the morning of September 4 at the Pudong New International Expo Center. The exhibition lasted for 3 days, nearly 500 high-end advertising and digital industry manufacturers in three exhibition areas, and 2,000 high-quality brands appeared on the same stage, covering the whole industry chain event […]

How long is the service life of the UV printer print head?

The service life of the print head of the UV printer is long or short, depending on what brand and price of the print head are used. Epson print heads have a lifespan of about 6 months. If you use the Epson UV printer print head every day, its life can be extended to 10 months. If […]

Understand the Working Principle of the Ink Supply System of the Inkjet Printer

1. Working principle of the pump assembly The pump assembly rotates the pressure pulley under the driving force of the paper feeding motor or the pump ink motor, and then the driving roller attached to the pulley begins to squeeze the ink pipe. When the cartridge is squeezed by the drive roller, its volume changes, […]

Check and clean the print heads

If the nozzle is blocked, the printout becomes blurred, with visible stripes or abnormal colors. If the nozzle is severely blocked, the printout will be a sheet of white paper. When the printing quality drops, first use the nozzle inspection function to check whether the nozzle is blocked. If the nozzle is blocked, clean the […]

The correct method of printer nozzle installation and precautions

The nozzle detection is normal, but the print is always broken. If you carefully observe the nozzle detection pattern, it is not difficult to find that the pattern is caused by the deviation of the print head, call the print head calibration tool in the application once or several times until ensure that the print […]

The process of “error-printing” occurred on the printer

The process of “error-printing” occurred on the printer 1. First, determine whether the printer is installed normally and the data cable connection is loose. 2. Set the printer required to be printed as the default printer. 3. From the start-Settings-Printer and Fax-Open Printer options Does the printer choose to suspend printing; If you remove this […]

How to replace the printer ink cartridge?

Office employees need to use a printer because basic office workers are equipped with a printer. There is a low amount of toner before the printer changes the cartridge. The replacement of ink cartridges can be bought online, and can also be bought from the manufacturer, it is recommended to buy from the manufacturer, after […]

Epson Cleaning of the printer spray nozzle

Inkjet printers seem to have this problem, but for some time do not plug, printing “nozzle check” will find that the line is disconnected or even some colors do not come out, this time will prompt you to do a “print head cleaning”. Epson L485, This intermittently used for 2 years, recently printed black is […]

How to do the printer print dislocation?

A newly bought inkjet printer, in the first few days of the printing effect, is still satisfactory, but the good times did not last long, after dozens of pages of documents after the black ink cartridges emergency, the replacement of “easy ink” appeared printing dislocation, lines can not be aligned: It was initially suspected that […]

How to clean the ink cartridge print head? Cleaning explanation

In the printing process, we often encounter the problem of blocking the printer ink cartridges, when we need to clean the printer ink cartridge nozzle. If you have no way to deal with these faults, then it will be a matter of spending money and effort but also affect normal work. So, as the owner […]

How often do I change the ink sacs for white ink printers?

Friends who use white ink hot stamping printers may have such questions, how often do you change the ink damper of white ink printers? How long does the printer ink damper last? In fact, the replacement of the ink damper of the white ink printer is not fixed time, if properly maintained can be used for […]