Maintop Software Rip Printing for Xuli 2000-X6 Printer


Basic Info.

  • Product Name:  Maintop RIP Software
  • Type: RIP Software 
  • Version: 5.3
  • Use: Printer
  • Software Type: Output and Layout
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Stock: Available
  • Usage: for Xuli
  • Materials: Anti-corrosion Materials (filter core use macromolecule material)
  • Precision Design: Exquisite Appearance, Compact Structure
  • Spare Parts Status: 100% Original and New, in Stock






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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. New point curve
The new dot curve can adjust the distribution ratio of small, medium, and large dots, optimize the range of small and medium dots and light ink, improve ink droplets, and produce vivid images with distinct layers.

2. High-speed 8-core RIP computing
The optimization of Windows 8 core printing technology includes more print head combinations, high-precision photos, and big data, and the printing speed has increased by more than three times. MainTop RIP V5.5X supports the preview print job after RIP, and can easily view the output dot through high magnification.

3. Adobe PDF print engine
MainTop RIP V5.5X supports Adobe’s standard PDF interpretation engine, which can complete the interpretation of PDF format and better support PDF files.

4. Standard ICC input
The system can input standard ICC configuration files and be compatible with ICC data files generated by other color management systems, which improves the accuracy of color management and meets the requirements of international colors.

5. Six color channel curves
Users can customize and modify the output ratio of large, medium, and small dot and light ink, which effectively solves the problem of proportional output of dark and light ink.


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