Get New Client’s Turst in Shanghai APPP Expo

From 5th~8th March 2019, Johope participated in the Shanghai AP International Exhibition. Me, Wendy Wen, was there too.  By the way, I am in Charge of the South America area.

At the exhibition, when I talked face to face with the customer, the customer was very interested in Dx5 unlocked print head, I have been working in printing for more than 2 years, work very hard, and learns well. when he said need a dx5 print head, I was pretty sure that he would need dx5 dampers, dx5 capping, print head cable with 31P, and dx5 wiper, So I took all those parts into the desk and confirmed with him, finally I was right, not only dx5 parts he ordered, also some parts for Roland, Mimaki printers. I was professional also… During the expo, we accepted cash, but my colleague didn’t help me took the payment time photo which was a pity, also because he didn’t wanna, he didn’t wanna people to see how much money he took ( for safety) :). we had a very nice and long talk during the exhibition. Now already 1 year passed, and he became one of my most important friends.

Johope and I will never stop, we will make our footprint all over the order, and we will help all the clients know how their printer works well and makes the biggest fortune for them.

We are Johope. Welcome to contact us.

Established a friendly cooperative relationship and a deep friendship.

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