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What is Xaar 1201 Printhead? Let Us Take a Look

The Xaar 1201 printhead is a thin film piezoelectric silicon microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology printhead for wide format and textile printing with features such as small droplets, high precision, reliability, and stability.

1. First-class print quality

The Xaar 1201 has 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows that can be used to eject variable droplet sizes with an apparent resolution of up to 1440 dpi in 8 gray levels.

2. Highly versatile

The Xaar 1201 can be configured to print 4 colors at 300 dpi or 1 or 2 colors at 600 dpi, depending on the price range and final user profile that the device manufacturer wishes to locate.


Xaar 1201 is suitable for all types of inks, including UV, environmentally friendly solvents, waterborne and dye sublimation, which means that a range of substrates can be printed, including photo paper, light cloth, and textiles.

3. Easy to integrate

The Xaar 1201 provides a simple integration for device manufacturers looking for flexible, compact, 4-color printing and affordable printheads for low-cost, wide-format graphics or textile printers. It is reported that more than 20 printing equipment manufacturers in China have produced wide-format printers equipped with Xaar 1201 print heads, and all have mature application solutions.

Xaar is a global leader in the development of digital inkjet technology. Founded in 1990 in Cambridge, England, the first printhead was manufactured in 1999 and mass production of printheads began in 2003.

Xaar is also the only truly independent inkjet technology company with more than 25 years of expertise. Its printing technology drives the conversion of analog printing and manufacturing methods to digital inkjet, which is used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including graphic arts and labels. , packaging, decoration, ceramic, and sheet printing, as well as special functional liquid printing for high-end manufacturing processes.

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