Konica 512i Printhead Cable 50P Single Head Terminal Data


Basic Info.

  • Product name: Konica 512i/1024 Head Cable Single Side with Card
  • Weight (KG):1
  • Lengths:50cm/65cm
  • Use for: Konica 512i Head
  • Printing Type: Inkjet Printer
  • Type:512i Printhead Cable
  • Pins:50 Pins
  • Suitable for: Konica 512i/1024 Printer

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. Using this connection guarantees the highest printing quality since it prevents data transfer mistakes and upholds the integrity of the image, resulting in printing results that are accurate and have depth. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of data loss during printing and encourages signal stability, providing you the assurance that your printer is operating effectively.

2. For individuals searching for a dependable and efficient way to replace their printer’s print head cable, this premium cable is the only one made specifically for use with a Konica 512i/1024 printhead. This cable promises to provide your Epson printer with unmatched performance thanks to its excellent design and construction.

3. This cable offers improved signal quality for a steady connection and is built for high-speed data transfer. The 50-pin Connector is specifically designed to ensure a snug fit with the Konica 512i/1024 printhead of your printer without any worry of it coming loose or being detached.

4. This premium cable is specially made to provide uninterrupted and seamless data transmission between the headboard and Printhead. It is a crucial spare component for your printer to guarantee dependable and consistent printing performance.


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