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In the “how-tos” category, JOHOPE hopes to provide you with any knowledge about inkjet printing technology, including the selection and maintenance of inkjet printer spare parts, quality assessment, common problems and solutions, disassembly and installation, etc. Understanding these aspects can help you avoid problems in advance to ensure that there are no errors in every link or handle them yourself according to the corresponding problem solutions we provide.

printhead clogged

How to Clean the Printhead Clogged?

Formation of Printhead Clogged Printhead clogged formation: Because the printhead is not tightly sealed or left for a long time after normal printing, the water evaporates excessively, causing the ink particles to dry up and stick to the fine tip

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Epson DX5 Print Head VS 5113 Print Head

Which Printhead is Better: EPSON DX5 or 5113?

The Epson DX5 print head achieves a high reputation in the industry and great market demand, and it has become one of the most widely used mainstream products. With the continuous advancement and development of science and technology, digital printing

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How to Distinguish S3200, I3200 and 4720 Printhead?

Epson print heads are well-known in the digital printing industry due to their excellent performance in terms of printing accuracy, output speed, as well as energy conservation, and environmental protection. However, it is also the dismantling of Epson print heads.

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How to replace the printer ink cartridge?

Office employees need to use a printer because basic office workers are equipped with a printer. There is a low amount of toner before the printer changes the cartridge. The replacement of ink cartridges can be bought online, and can

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How to do the printer print dislocation?

A newly bought inkjet printer, in the first few days of the printing effect, is still satisfactory, but the good times did not last long, after dozens of pages of documents after the black ink cartridges emergency, the replacement of

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How to handle Print heads

How to handle Print heads The print head is sophisticated and must be careful when handling.  The advice from Epson on their handling is as follows: Do not touch, wipe, or attempt to clean the printhead nozzles with your hands. This

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5 Common Printhead Problems & How to Fix Them

Printers might just be the most frustrating piece of outfit in utmost home arms and unfortunately, that’s frequently true in artificial printing operations too. However, you’re not alone. If you’ve spent hours of your day trying to figure out why

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