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How to Deal with Color Bars When Printed by Epson Color Inkjet Printer?

In daily life, with the extension of working time, the printer will be used for a little longer. When our Epson color inkjet printer has been printed for a certain period, sometimes there will be color bars printed out, which affects the look and feel. At this time, we have to consider whether there is a problem with the printer nozzle or a problem elsewhere. This is a problem we have to consider. If there is a problem, then we must have a solution to this problem. Now I will share how we should take appropriate solutions when we encounter colored bars in print.

Steps to Solve the Problems of Color Bar

The imaging of Epson color printers is made by mixing multiple color inks, so if you want to rule out which part is the problem, we should follow the following steps:

1. First of all, it is necessary to find out which color imaging unit has the problem.

2. First print out the halftone map of each color.

3. If there are color bars in the same position for all four colors, it means that the fault lies in the common parts of the imaging, such as the transfer belt, the transfer blade, the second transfer roller, and the fixing.

4. Only one of the four colors has this situation, so you can mainly check for that color, mainly focusing on the drum, display bin, print head, and main charge.

Reasons Why Color Bars Occur

There are generally two reasons for the generation of color bars, which can be identified by the edges of the white bars:

1. There are burrs on the edge of the white strip: the gap between the magnetic rollers is blocked by foreign matter, which affects the toner adhesion and transfer

2. The edge of the color bar is neat: the print head has dust and stains, which affects the laser imaging

Overall: the judgment method and solution are all above, I hope it can help you.

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