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Print Basics

The entire workflow of a wide-format printer consists of a series of links, each of which is completed by various printer spare parts. Every link is crucial to printing quality and efficiency. In the category of “print basics”, JOHOPE will provide basic knowledge of inkjet printing and explain the parameters, characteristics, performance, applications and other information of various spare parts of inkjet printers.

printer filter

What You Should Know About Ink Filtration?

Filtration stands as a crucial step in the ink manufacturing process, yet experience has taught us that relying solely on your supplier’s ink filter doesn’t exempt you from filtration within your system. Ink transforms over time, and without adequate protection,

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Konica 1024 Printhead: Everything You Need Know!

Konica 1024 printhead is an industrial inkjet printhead that uses piezoelectric on-demand ink supply. Its printing width is 72mm, achieving higher productivity. KM1024 Printhead Features 1. The use of 1024 multi-nozzles greatly increases productivity, enabling 72 mm wide printing. The

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Konica 512 Printhead: A Brief Introduction

Konica printheads are widely used in UV printers, inkjet printers, flatbed printers, and other fields. There are many models of Konica printheads, which are widely used in photo machines, outdoor inkjet printers, etc., and some are also used in UV

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What Determines Inkjet Print Quality?

What determines inkjet print quality? This is a complex question that can’t be answered simply by looking at the device’s published spec sheet. Many machine manufacturers tout ever-higher printhead resolutions and build a lot of sales rhetoric around inkjet print

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What are the Common Printheads for UV Printers?

The choice of printhead plays a significant role in determining print quality, speed, and overall performance when using UV printers as part of your business. Printheads are the key components responsible for jetting UV-curable ink onto various substrates, ranging from

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Exploring the Wonders of Large-Format Printing

In the expansive realm of printing, large-format printing stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that technology brings to visual expression. From awe-inspiring banners to intricately detailed architectural plans, large-format printing has become a versatile and indispensable tool across

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Epson L1800 Print Head: A Brief Introduction

The Epson L1800 print head is compatible with Epson L1800 printers as well as a range of DTF printers. This high-quality printhead, with its Piezoelectric technology, Aquaeus ink, and advanced droplet control, is designed to deliver precise and vibrant prints.

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Ricoh GEN5 VS GEN6 Printhead: Digital Printing Solution

Printing equipment on the market uses micro piezoelectric printheads and industrial printheads. Micro-voltage printheads refer to Epson 3200 or 4720, etc., while industrial printheads are from Ricoh and Starfire brands. At present, the most commonly used nozzles on the market

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Ricoh G5 Printhead: Deep Analysis

The printhead is not only a core component of the entire printing equipment but also a consumable item. The quality of the printhead and the printing effect determine whether the production company can successfully receive orders and deliver them on

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Epson Printheads: Which is Your Favorite?

As we all know, Epson, a popular printhead brand in the field of inkjet digital printing, is in a leading position in this field with its unique micro-piezoelectric printing technology. Micro-printing technology has the advantages of high printing solutions, good

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UV Printing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

What is UV Printing? UV printing is a printing technology that uses ultraviolet curing ink. It can achieve high-resolution and high-precision image printing on a wide range of material surfaces. Its main principle is to use ultraviolet rays to quickly

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Want to Add a Halloween Atmosphere to Your Home?

An Introduction to Halloween The origin of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival “Samhain”. The Celts believed that on October 31st every year, the undead and demons would return to the world from the underground. They

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