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The process of “error-printing” occurred on the printer

The process of “error-printing” occurred on the printer

1. First, determine whether the printer is installed normally and the data cable connection is loose.

2. Set the printer required to be printed as the default printer.

3. From the start-Settings-Printer and Fax-Open Printer options Does the printer choose to suspend printing; If you remove this option.

4. There is remote document printing, due to the lack of paper and what is not out in time, resulting in a document backlog. Generally turn off the printer, from the start-set up-printer fax machine-open the printer options, select the document right-click to cancel and then print on the line.

5. Drive installation problem: Device Manager-Universal Serial Bus Controller-Printer option (different printers should be different) Just delete him and reinstall the driver.

6. Port selection error: From the Start-Set-Printer fax machine, right-click the Printer-Properties-Port tab to see if the settings are correct.

If still unsolved, proceed as follows:

1. Delete the print task.

2. Start to set up the management tool service, find the Print Spooler, double-click, and stop at the regular point.

3. Then click to run, enter Spool, open the PRINTERS folder, delete all the things inside, and then start the print Spooler print service in the general tab.

4. Disconnect the printer power for one minute, then connect and restart the computer (must do).

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