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Epson Cleaning of the printer spray nozzle

Inkjet printers seem to have this problem, but for some time do not plug, printing “nozzle check” will find that the line is disconnected or even some colors do not come out, this time will prompt you to do a “print head cleaning”. Epson L485, This intermittently used for 2 years, recently printed black is no problem, today suddenly think of playing a color look and found that a little color can not come out, run “print head cleaning” run about 8 times, black, yellow and red are good, blue at all. As for why it ran eight times, it’s probably better than one time (officially, no more than three times a day).

Finally, I don’t know how to find an article saying that you can wash the print head with alcohol, and he is also L485, and he found the savior.

  • Find a piece of makeup cotton pad, the size of the cotton fold in half is just the same as the size of the nozzle holder area, give the cotton spray with medical alcohol, let it become slightly wet, and then put the cotton pad in the position of the seat, put some flat, do not block the nozzle back can;
  • Push the nozzle to the right to the end, let it fully back to the seat position;
  • Time 5 minutes, push the nozzle with tweezers to take out the estimated black cotton pieces;
  • Startup and then print a “set-maintenance-nozzle check” try, OK.

How do you pull the nozzle out?

Get the nozzle out of the seat to try a brutal way, let the printer perform “set-maintenance-guide rail cleaning” when it comes out, and turn it off.

The shutdown is not pressing the shutdown key, but by directly pulling the power, the printer system will return to the position and then power.

Do you have to take it out with tweezers?

The function of the tweezers is to keep your hands out of the ink

In addition, the way to take it out is to plug in the boot, the nozzle will automatically move away, the movement speed is not fast, do not directly hand.

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