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Do You Know When Ricoh Officially Launched the Industrial Inkjet RICOH TH6310F?

As reported by Mams Consulting, Ricoh Corporation has recently unveiled its latest industrial-grade inkjet printhead: the RICOH TH6310F. This cutting-edge printhead incorporates advanced thin-film piezoelectric actuators, a pivotal component in digital printing systems. The RICOH TH6310F was globally launched on November 23, 2021.

Distinguished as the flagship model within Ricoh’s industrial-grade inkjet printhead series, the RICOH TH6310F boasts a maximum ejection frequency of 80kHz, making it the most efficient inkjet printhead for both single-pass and multi-pass printing applications. Leveraging MEMS technology, this Ricoh printhead achieves exceptional jetting accuracy, while its unique nozzle layout ensures outstanding print quality, particularly in high-gap printing scenarios prevalent in textile and industrial applications. Moreover, its internal ink circulation function significantly minimizes the risk of jetting failures, ensuring the stability of high-precision jetting processes.

Ricoh TH6310F

Ricoh remains dedicated to broadening its range of inkjet printhead products to facilitate customer printer advancements and cater to the demands of the industrial printing sector. Furthermore, Ricoh actively contributes to addressing societal challenges by offering secure and dependable solutions in critical areas such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Through these efforts, Ricoh endeavors to make a meaningful impact on society and foster positive change for communities worldwide. Ricoh’s other printheads, such as the Ricoh gh2220 printhead, ricoh gen4 printhead, gen5, mh5420 printhead, etc. are easy to use, of good quality, and cost-effective.

high-speed Ricoh TH6310F


In the industrial printing sector catering to textiles, corrugated boards, labels, and various other products, addressing diverse customer demands like high variety, low-volume orders, and quicker lead times poses a continual challenge. The rapid digitization of industrial printing is effectively tackling these needs, bolstering overall flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. In response to these transformative shifts, there is a pressing need for an industrial-grade inkjet printhead capable of delivering enhanced productivity and high-resolution printing, ensuring businesses can meet evolving market demands effectively.

Main Features of Ricoh TH6310F Printhead

1. Leveraging MEMS technology for precision printing
Ricoh harnesses cutting-edge MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology to achieve unparalleled resolution and accommodate high-gap printing. With an integrated design featuring 1,600 nozzles arranged in a meticulous layout of 100 rows x 8 columns x 2 modules within a 2.6-inch printing width, Ricoh ensures exceptional printing accuracy. Furthermore, employing a specialized nozzle position discharge method minimizes airflow interference during ink droplet flight, guaranteeing superior printing quality even with a substantial 4mm gap.

2. Enhancing ink stability with an innovative internal circulation structure
The unique internal ink circulation structure maintains a continuous flow of ink near the nozzle, mitigating the risk of nozzle drying and ink particle precipitation. This design significantly reduces jetting failures, ensuring consistent jetting reliability and maximizing printhead productivity. With this technology, Ricoh empowers single-pass printing at speeds of up to 100 meters per minute or more.

3. Versatile ink compatibility for diverse applications
Ricoh’s printhead is compatible with a wide range of ink types, including water-based, UV, and solvent inks. This versatility makes it suitable for various industrial applications, spanning textiles, corrugated boards, labels, and advertising signage.

4. Simplified design for seamless integration
Featuring a straightforward single-in-single-out ink inlet design, Ricoh’s printhead seamlessly integrates into customers’ printing systems with ease. The simplicity of the design facilitates efficient installation and operation.

5. Unrivaled production capacity for optimized performance
With an impressive injection frequency of up to 80kHz in 2-level grayscale mode and support for up to 40kHz in 4-level grayscale mode through the innovative Dual Vcom function, Ricoh’s printhead delivers unparalleled injection performance, ensuring superior production capacity and output quality.

Ricoh TH6310F Specification

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