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The correct method of printer nozzle installation and precautions

The nozzle detection is normal, but the print is always broken. If you carefully observe the nozzle detection pattern, it is not difficult to find that the pattern is caused by the deviation of the print head, call the print head calibration tool in the application once or several times until ensure that the print head is calibrated.


Installation and replacement of the ink head

1. when installing the nozzle, you must follow the instructions, and remove the stoma seal, but do not remove other seals at will, otherwise the ink will leak;

2. Every time the new nozzle is installed, generally clean the print head 3-5 times (please wash the print head at least once);

3. when any sprinkler head without ink or not installed, even if the other sprinkler head with ink in the head, the photo machine can not work;

4. Once the new nozzle is landed, it is best not to take it off before replacing the nozzle;

5. Unless the nozzle is to be replaced, do not open the nozzle protection clip, otherwise, the nozzle may not be able to use again;

6. Do not put your hand into the printer or touch the nozzle; first check for the color ink in the cartridge.


Then consider the following reasons:

<1> According to the instructions, tear off the label (i. e. the air guide groove and air guide hole are still in a closed state, and the air cannot enter the nozzle, so the label can be completely torn off.

<2> If small bubbles remain in the nozzle, the print head should be cleaned to discharge the small bubbles.

<3> In the water pipe air or the printing head, the solution is to start the printer’s automatic cleaning program to clean the print head several times (note: after each cleaning, the nozzle detection pattern must be printed- -test line to observe the cleaning effect). Or turn off the printer and stop using it for several hours, depending on whether the situation has improved. If the problem cannot be solved, it is recommended to send it for repair.

<4> Now a little white line, maybe after long-term printing and the use of some poor paper, paper, the surface of the paper with paper particles, and the particles may stick to the printing head, resulting in part of the ink hole blockage, at this time should be printed cleaning, if there is no effect to the maintenance department for maintenance.

<5> The appearance of the printing graph is related to the printing mode selected by the user. For example, with 850 printing, save ink printing, the output picture is rough and lines, with 360 DPI printing for printing, the output picture is smooth, usually with 720 DPI printing for color printing, to better effect can use 1440 DPI printing, the quality of the output graphics and its resolution, the higher the resolution, the output graphics quality is better, this shows that graphic output is not only related to the nozzle, and the figure itself and printing setting is closely related.

<6> If the above reasons are excluded, and the cleaning procedure has been started to clean the print head, but the normal printing may not be restored because the print head has been scrapped (the general life of the print head is 800-3000 ml)


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