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Check and clean the print heads

If the nozzle is blocked, the printout becomes blurred, with visible stripes or abnormal colors. If the nozzle is severely blocked, the printout will be a sheet of white paper. When the printing quality drops, first use the nozzle inspection function to check whether the nozzle is blocked. If the nozzle is blocked, clean the print head.


Do not turn on the power during print head cleaning. If the print head cleaning is not complete, you may not be able to print.

Print head cleaning will consume some ink.

You may not be able to clean the print head when the ink volume is low.

If the printing quality does not improve after repeating 3 nozzle checks and print head cleaning, please wait at least 12 hours, do not use this product for printing during the waiting period, then run the nozzle inspection again and repeat the print head cleaning as needed. It is recommended to use the power button to power off the product. If the print quality is still not improved, run the depth cleaning.

To prevent the print head from drying out, do not unplug it during power on.

Check the printed pattern to see whether the print head nozzle is blocked.

A: All of the lines are printed out. No continuation of the operation is required.

B: The print head is still partially blocked and needs to be cleaned

C: The print head is seriously clogged and needs to be cleaned several times

explanatory note:

You can also check and clean the print head through the printer driver.

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