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RICOH GEN6 Printhead: A Basic Printing Guide


Ricoh announced the launch of its GEN 6 printhead (Ricoh G6 printhead) on February 28, 2019. There are three types of Ricoh G6 printheads launched this time. The printhead models are RICOH MH5320, RICOH MH5340, and RICOH MH5320 A type.
The new printheads will be launched as higher-spec models of the RICOH MH5420/5440 and RICOH MH5421/5441. Minimized 5-pl droplet size and improved jetting accuracy produce excellent print quality without graininess. In addition, the maximum frequency of grayscale is 50 kHz, which improves productivity.

Each printhead features enhanced bonding technology for improved durability. With these new features, the RICOH MH5320/5340/5320 Type A further enhances its compatibility with UV, solvent, and water-based inks. Specifically, the MH5320’s water-based ink compatibility and service life are more than twice those of the previous MH5421.
​ In the industrial printing market for sign graphics and textiles, there is an increasing need to meet various customer demands, such as smaller batch sizes and shorter lead times. This has led to the rapid digitization of industrial printing to provide greater flexibility and productivity and increased demand for inkjet printheads to enable high-resolution printing and higher productivity.

By launching this new printhead, Ricoh will meet these market needs. Ricoh will support customers’ printer development and jointly create new value in digital printing.
In February 2018, Ricoh announced its growth strategy, “RICOH Ignite,” which aims to strengthen its customer base by expanding its printing technology portfolio. Ricoh has been developing inkjet technology for more than 40 years, and today it is used not only for office printing but also for commercial and industrial printing applications in a variety of different sectors, including lifestyle. In addition, it has been enhancing its “display printing” functionality for paper as well as “applied printing,” which combines processes and materials to create new customer value.

MH5320MH5340MH5320 Type A
MethodPiston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Print Width54.1 mm (2.1′)
Number of nozzles1,280 (4×320 channels), staggered
Nozzle spacing (4 color printing)1/150″ (0.1693 mm)
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance)A: 1.101mm B: 11.811 mm
Compatible inkUV, solvent, aqueous, others
Total printhead dimensions89(W)×66.3(D)×24.51(H) mm (3.5″×2.6″×1.0″)
Weight228g (including 45C cable)
Max. number of color inks2 colors4 colors4 colors
Operating temperature range60℃
temperature controlIntegrated heater and thermistor
Jetting frequency50kHz (3 levels); 40kHz (4 levels)
Grey-scale4 levels
Drop volumeBinary mode: 5pl/ Gray-scale mode: 5-15pl
Viscosity range10~12mPa/s
Surface tension28~35mN/m
Ink portYesYesNo
Separately sold partsMH5320/ MH5340/ MH5320 Type A dedicated cable

Ricoh G6 Characteristics

High Definition and High Productivity

MH5320 (1 head, 2 colors) MH5340 (1 head, 4 colors)

MH5320 20C (Length: 195mm) MH5320 45C (Length: 453mm)
When using 1 color: 150dpi×4 rows/color→600dpi
When using 2 colors: 150dpi×2 rows/color→300dpi
When using 4 colors: 150dpi×1 row/color→150dpi

Ricoh MH5320/5340 print head product positioning

jet flow = number of nozzles × number of nozzle holes × ignition frequency, Gen6-MH5320/5340 print head is mainly for the field of industrial high-speed UV printing.

Three Features of Ricoh MH5320/5340 Print Head:

(1) High Productivity

Ignition frequency increased → Ink volume/unit time increased

MH5420 21pl, 20kHz-512ul/s
MH5320 15pl, 50kHz-960ul/s
MH5420 Binary mode: 30 kHz; gray-scale mode: 20kHz
MH5320 Grey-scale mode: 50kHz

MH5320 saves 1/2 of printing time vs. MH53420 under the same DPI.

Example: 600x1200dpi stable drawing scheme

 car scanning speed   Ignition frequency       Pass number
      MH5320 scheme           1.5m/s           35.4Khz         4 (x1; y4)
      MH5420 scheme          1.4m/s17Khz        8 (x2; y4)

Increase the ignition frequency and reduce the number of passes to achieve the same output image quality. Reduce the requirements for the speed increase of the trolley and reduce the difficulty of the trolley control design.

(2) High Definition

It supports multi-level grayscale printing and provides an optimized visual experience for different application scenarios. Small drops for ultra-close viewing; large drops for long-distance viewing; grayscale for close viewing; smooth tones; and fine type

MH5320 enables smooth and excellent print quality without gaininess. Compared with MH5320, MH5420 has been improved by 50% in ink droplet flight velocity deviation and has been improved by 37% in nozzle position accuracy deviation. The minimum ink drop of MH5320 is 5 pl, and the minimum ink drop of MH5420 is 7 pl.

(3) More Ink Tolerance

MH5420/5440 UV/solvent ink
MH5421/5441 water-based ink
MH5320/5340 UV/solvent/water-based ink. It is able to reduce inventory and extend life. Specifically, the aqueous ink compatibility and service life of the MH5320/5340 is enhanced.

MH5xxx Series Parameter Comparison

General PropertiesMH5320/MH5340MH5420/5440 MH5421/5441
Print Width54.1mm54.1mm
# of Nozzles1,280 (4×320 channels)1,280 (4×320 channels)
Compatible InkUV, Solvent, Aqueous

(more ink tolerance)

MH5420/5440: UV, Solvent,

MH5421/5441: Aqueous

Max # of color44
Max Jetting frequency50kHz(high productivity)30kHz
Drop Volume5-15pl (high definition)7-21pl
Viscosity Range10-12mPa/s10-12mPa/s
Cable TypeDetachable cable(flexible design)Integrated cable



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