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What are the Features of Konica 1024 Series Inkjet Printheads?

km1024 printhead produced by Japanese manufacturers is characterized by precision technology, piezoelectric ink-on-demand drive, and 1024 nozzles.

KM1024 Printhead Characteristics

In the following part, we will discuss the features of the km1024 printhead.

Independent Drive Mode for All Nozzles

The Konica 1024 series is a multi-line inkjet print head with independent drive modes for all nozzles, upgrading the previous 3-cycle drive mode to an independent drive mode in which all 1024 nozzles can fire at the same time. Due to the high-precision arrangement of 256 nozzles in 4 rows to form a high-density structure, the nozzle position accuracy has been improved, and high-definition printing quality can be achieved.

Multiple Nozzles

Using the Konica 1024 printhead, the multi-nozzle greatly increases productivity, enabling 72mm wide prints. The unit is equipped with nozzles twice the number of Konica 512 printheads, providing the required print width to achieve 72mm of high density. The increased width is more suitable for printing systems that require high productivity.

km1024 printhead

New Actuators

The use of new, high-efficiency piezoelectric actuators for Konica printheads reduces printhead energy consumption by 50%. The drive voltage of Konica Minolta’s piezoelectric ink-on-demand printheads is already lower than that of other printheads, and the new actuators used in Konica Minolta 1024 further reduce energy consumption. This makes the printhead ideal for a “green” design, demonstrating Konica Minolta’s consistent respect for the environment. The addition of the Konica 1024 printhead grayscale level reproduces rich tones and subtle gradations, making the printhead more attractive for existing and new printing applications.

New Control IC

Equipped with a new control IC, the KM1024 printhead can print ink droplets of up to 8 sizes. It gains greater control over printed images, reproducing smooth color gradations and precisely matched tones.

Ultra-Thin, Space-Saving Shape

KM1024 printhead is the latest Konica printhead, breaking the traditional Konica 512 series in one fell swoop. Among them, the ultra-thin, space-saving print head shape of the Konica 1024 printhead improves printing quality and makes the machine design more compact.

The Konica 1024 printhead can be installed compactly to minimize alignment errors in transport or traverse systems. Improved print registration can realize consistently high-quality prints. Since multiple print heads can be installed in a small space, the length of the printing channel is usually greatly shortened, and the overall volume of the machine is reduced.

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