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Why is the UV Printer Nozzle Blocked?

When it comes to printer products, we are no strangers. Whether it is work or life, as long as printing is involved, printer equipment is inseparable. As one of the indispensable pieces of equipment for company offices and home offices, the printer has greatly improved people’s quality of life. Work efficiency is an important part of the printer, and the maintenance of the print head is very important. Then the print head, some people will encounter the situation that the print head is blocked in the process of using the printer. Why is the UV Printer Nozzle Blocked? Here are some reasons to analyze

1. Damage to the Piezoelectric Crystal

The phenomenon is that the print head must not be able to inkjet. Generally, the piezoelectric print head can be used for about one year. For a factory with a heavy inkjet printing workload, it is normal that the print head is used for less than a year.

2. Blockage of the Filter in the Print Head

If the print head is used for a long time, especially in factories where the printing task is not full and the printers are often shut down at night, the ink does not flow in the print head for a long time, making the ink easy to be adsorbed on the internal filter or on the screen walls or ink passages. The reduced cross-sectional area of ​​the ink flow can also cause the ink not to flow out of the print head.

3. After the ink has accumulated to a certain extent, the nozzle is blocked outside

It is the most common way to be blocked because the solvent in the ink must be evaporated into the air to dry the picture, so the ink is a volatile liquid volatiling in the air and solid objects can be seperated from the liquid. When the nozzle hits the cloth, there is always some ink left around it. After this part of the ink is dried in the air, the nozzle will gradually become smaller or even block the nozzle, which needs to be cleaned frequently.

4. Fatigue Damage of Piezoelectric Crystal

The phenomenon is that the print head sometimes inkjet, but sometimes it does not, especially when the ink jet amount of ink is large (that is, when inkjetting dark picture), the nozzles are blocked obviously. At this time, the best way is to replace a new print head.

5. Drive Circuit Failure

The electronic components of the drive circuit are aging, and the accumulated dry ink is too dirty, which may affect the voltage that drives the print head, resulting in blockage of print head or unstable ink output.

6. Types of Inks

Some manufacturers’ inks dry too fast due to improper control of the amount of desiccant, which may easily cause external ink blockage. Although it can be cleaned, the cleaning interval is more frequent. Once the print head is not used for a long time and it is not protected in time, it may cause permanent damage to the printhead the next time.

7. Frequent Ink Replacement

In many cases, the print head may not be properly protected when replacing the ink, which will also affect the inkjet state of the print head.

8. Viscosity of the Ink is too High or too Low

The viscosity of the ink is too high, thus the fluidity of the ink is poor, making the amount of ink ejected by the nozzle per unit of time not enough. The viscosity of the ink is too low, that is, it is too thin, and it is easy to breathe air when the piezoelectric crystal is pumped back in the spray hole and the ink cannot be sucked in, so the air is ejected; both will cause the phenomenon that the nozzle cannot inkjet ink.

9. The Aambient Ttemperature and Humidity When Using the Machine

The generally recommended temperature is 22~25 degrees, the humidity is 40~70%, and the density of air dust and impurities should be below, which avoids nozzle blockage on the one hand and improve  print quality. on the other hand. High and low temperatures affect the viscosity of the ink, which will cause ink shortage or print head tailing, which is often mistaken for “nozzle blockage”.

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