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What are the Features and Scope of Use of Large Format Printers?

A large-format printer is a printer whose print width exceeds A2 (42 cm). It is widely used in industrial production and can greatly reduce the cost of production and printing. Large-format printers have broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realized the true one-piece printing, no plate-making, and full-color image completion at one time. It is a replacement product for traditional printers.

1. Main Functions of Large Format Printers

It is a high-tech digital printing equipment featuring “non-contact with objects” inkjet printing, so it is not limited by any material and can be used on wood, glass, crystal, metal plates, floor tiles, tiles, CDs, Acrylic, plexiglass, EVA.KT board, leather, silicone, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, cloth, self-adhesive, stone, and other surfaces for color photo-level printing. Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern, or a pattern with excessive color, it can be printed at one time, without plate making, printing, and repeated color registration. The printing is characterized by beautiful color, realistic effect, image waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant and attached functions. Strong focus, no fading, easy operation, and stable performance of the machine ensure higher printing quality than traditional methods.

2. What are the Structures of Large Format Printers?

The main technical component of large format printer is the print head, and its important components include a frame, pump assembly, motor, various sensors, and an ink delivery tube. The large format printer also has a height detection system for printing objects, which can be done through intelligent induction, intelligent touch, or a double detection system. The printer is equipped with an automatic protection system for intelligent touch detection, which includes a print head anti-collision (scratch) protection function to reduce costs. Two-stage ink filter system: Minimize the possibility of nozzle blockage! Subvert traditional printing and challenge the limits of profitability! The universal printer revolutionizes the traditional printing method and introduces a new model in the printing industry. It utilizes flat-type digital output, allowing for printing on mediums with a thickness of up to 20 cm.

The printer is available in various sizes, including A4, A3+, A2, and A1, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from. In the printing process, there is no need for plate making, plate printing, or repeated color registration. It can directly print any material and create better visual effects than traditional methods. The convenient and fast printing process, along with the ultra-low printing cost, makes your products more competitive in the market. Additionally, the printing is compatible with all materials, allowing your business to no longer be restricted by the industry. It is a digital proofing, personalized store, and advertising platform. It is a preferred investment project in the craft gifts and other industries, allowing you to challenge the limits of making money!

3. What are the Main Features of Large Format Printers?

(1) It is suitable for any material and has a wide range of compatibility.
(2) There is no need for plate making. Fast printing, low cost, and various output software are available, and various file formats are supported.
(3) With professional color management software, you can change the color anytime and anywhere without incurring additional costs.
(4) One-step completion, instant printing, and immediate delivery to meet the demands of quick sampling and finished products.
(5) The unit price starts from the printing of large batches, which can be combined with template printing to save time and effort. Full-color images can be completed in one go, and the gradual color transition can fully achieve the effect of high-quality photos. The positioning is accurate, and the rejection rate is zero.
(6) It only takes 30 minutes to master and produce high-quality products, even without professional skills.
(7) Computer operation, no dependence on personnel, and ample room for upgrades.

4. Scope of Use of Large Format Printers

The product has a wide range of applications, including various photo studios, wedding photo studios, scenic spots, hospitals, and schools. It is also used in industrial settings for rapid sample production and cost reduction in sample proofing and mass production of plastics, electronics, hardware, plexiglass, and other industries.

(1) Gift Market

The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, making it a popular trend for gift-giving. Personalize your gifts by printing your photos, favorite pictures, icons, and texts on them. This will help break away from the typical and generic gift options, allowing the true value of the gift and the individuality of the giver to shine through.

(2) Home Improvement Furniture

The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions of dollars, and personalized home decoration is also quietly gaining popularity. Users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors to match their preferred home styles. This allows them to decorate their homes with their own unique style and create a personalized space.

(3) young User Market

A significant portion of the user base in the popular mobile phone and digital product market consists of young and fashionable individuals. Printing one’s logo on these products is the ideal way to showcase individuality. Some carry-on items, such as vanity mirrors, lighters, wallets, and backpacks, are also a good way for these users to express their personalities.

(4) Consumer Market

With the rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer limited to printing their photos on photo paper. The universal digital printing system can print any image on materials such as crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, and more. The effects and sensations of products printed on various materials vary. People can print their photos on various materials, which enhances the expression and impact of the photos.

(5) Game Entertainment

The universal digital printing system can conveniently print popular movies, animations, HIP-HOP, and other pictures or popular elements on various items, in accordance with current trends.

(6) Signage Market

High-quality, high-priced, small and medium-volume advertising and sign production, such as full-color printing of various metal membership cards, time cards, badges, listings, authorization cards, etc., is difficult to achieve with current printing technology.

(7) Professional Proofing

One-time molding eliminates the need for plate making, and some materials can be reused, resulting in low costs. The computer enables direct typesetting, modification, and production, making the process simple and efficient, and significantly reducing costs.

Inkjet direct printing eliminates the need for plate making and filming, as well as transfer and film processes. It offers high image quality and accurate color positioning. Additionally, it supports a wide range of printable media, making it suitable for a diverse customer base.

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