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What are the tricks of inkjet printer cartridge ink injection?

Inkjet printers use micro piezoelectric print head technology, through the voltage change to make the crystal vibration to eject the ink, it is characterized by can easily achieve a high resolution, and with its unique ink process, you can get the perfect photo printing effect. Despite its top print quality, cartridges are also more expensive! Many people hope to reduce the cost of printing by using ink injection, but not many people do it.

Most users are afraid that improper operation may cause the printer to malfunction or do not know how to operate it. The ink cartridge of the EPSON inkjet printer is more convenient than other machines because it is separated from the nozzle, so there is no need to punch holes in the upper part, and only a few disposable syringes are needed to complete the task.

The steps to inject black ink are as follows:

1. Remove the ink cartridge: When the printer’s black ink net indicator light is on, take out the black ink cartridge, use a disposable syringe to aspirate 7ml to 8ml of ink, and tilt the ink hole under the ink cartridge upwards and tilt it 45 degrees to prevent the ink from flowing out of the balance hole in the upper part of the ink cartridge when the ink injection is almost full;

2. Inject ink: The ink in the disposable syringe is slowly injected into the ink hole, the ink injection action should be fast before and after, and the operation should be repeated several times until it is completed. At the same time, through the transparent plastic observation on the left side of the ink cartridge, the ink can be filled with 4/5 of the ink cartridge capacity, not too full, and then wipe out the ink near the ink hole with absorbent paper;

3. Load the printer: When the cartridge is inserted into the bracket, the back of the cartridge must be close to the bracket, when the position is correct, the cartridge lock lever can be gently pushed into place. If the feel is heavy, indicating that the position of the cartridge is not correct, at this time, you can release the locking lever, while using the left hand to move the cartridge up and down left and right, while gently pushing the locking lever with the right hand, feel the position;

4. Clean printhead: Open my computer/printer/properties/control, enter the cleaning printhead, and after one or two cleanings, print a test page, you can use.


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