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How to Recover the Machine When Put the Wrong Ink

If the ink has just been added to the ink cartridge and has not yet entered the ink supply path, then you only need to replace the ink cartridge. Users are advised to use new ink cartridges, which can effectively prevent ink residues on the walls and bottom of the ink cartridges due to unclean cleaning. If the ink has entered the ink supply ink path, the entire ink path needs to be cleaned and the corresponding ink sac should be replaced at the same time. If it is not cleaned, the entire ink supply system needs to be replaced.


If the eco-solvent printing machine has the cleaning function turned on, then the ink has entered the print head. At this time, the print head must be removed immediately and the print head should be cleaned with the special cleaning liquid for the print head until the discharged cleaning liquid becomes clear.


Be sure to choose the ink that matches the eco-solvent machine. The original genuine ink is the best. Once you add the wrong ink, you must immediately clean the ink path to avoid huge losses caused by improper ink use.


Matters needing attention before adding ink When adding ink to the ink supply system of the photo machine, please add the ink according to the color identification, do not add the wrong ink.


To add ink, you can use a funnel to place the funnel on the cartridge adding a hole, and then lower the ink into the funnel to add ink to avoid ink spilling.

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