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5 Tips for Color Inkjet Printing

With the continuous change of technology and market, the demand for color printing is becoming more and more vigorous in the field of office. When the office process needs a large number of output documents, color printing function will make the document look more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It is worth noting that the same brand and model of the printer, affected by various factors, the final printing effect will be different.

1. 5 Tips for Color Inkjet Printing

Next, we will share five ways to improve the quality of color printing, to help you to better print results.

1) Printer Self-Test

Printer self-test includes settings such as nozzle correction, print head cleaning, etc. These self-tests can help users determine whether the printer can generate colors correctly.

2) Printer Driver Check

The printing preferences in most printer drivers provide color-matching options that allow users to make fine adjustments on each color.

3) Work Area Light

The light in the working environment is equally important. Some surrounding or dazzling lights will adversely affect the display color of the monitor. When comparing the print output and the monitor image, the difference cannot be accurately observed. Lighting effects and monitor brightness contrast adjustment are also important

4) Graphics Driver

Some color printer driver’s color information is read from the graphics card in the computer. If the color cannot be accurately and completely matched, the user can consider upgrading the driver of the computer’s graphics card

5) Paper and Ink Problems

Print media such as some glossy photo papers cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time. The discomfort of temperature and humidity will also affect the normal performance of color. In addition, the print quality will also be affected by the ink usage time. Expiry date, consider replacing ink cartridges

2. Three  elements for color standard of inkjet printing

Inkjet printing equipment is widely used in the advertising industry, in the choice of printing equipment, users pursue higher printing accuracy, faster printing speed, more stable performance… Another crucial factor is the color accuracy and richness of inkjet printing.

How to achieve the color standard of inkjet printing? Three essential elements!

1) Inkjet Printing Equipment

Advertising screen color performance accuracy can reflect the overall color gamut effect of the advertising screen, inkjet technology can achieve the ideal application effect in the printing industry, must meet the industry’s high requirements for color accuracy.

2) Ink

In order to ensure the accuracy of color, in addition to high-precision printing technology support, but also need to use high-quality ink. The choice of ink has a certain relationship with the color gamut correction of the printing equipment, and the adjustment of the ink curve and the color scheme of the equipment. The correct ink selection will make the output picture of the printing equipment closer to the original picture, achieve better color restoration, and achieve rich color expression.

3) RIP

Today’s printout software (RIP) functions are more powerful, basically have a powerful color adjustment function, with excellent performance of inkjet printing equipment and output software (RIP), through the software to the color fine-tuning section to get excellent image output quality, to achieve better printing color accuracy. Therefore, in terms of the color accuracy of inkjet printing equipment, the three core factors of inkjet printing output quality are: high-quality inkjet printing equipment, high-quality original ink selection, and high standard RIP printing program (including drive, ink out program ICC curve, etc.), and the unity of the three can achieve high-quality color effects of the picture.



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