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How Print Head Test Printing Material Compatibility?

We all know that inkjet printers can be divided into solvent print heads, water-based print heads, and solvent & water-based both works, according to the ink.

What kind of ink can be applied to a type of print head, not to mention that even if it is necessary, have to be in a controlled test environment, it is necessary to prove that the ink will not corrode or penetrate the various materials that make up the ink cavity of the nozzle through repeated testing for a long time. In order to ensure that the nozzle works normally during the expected service life.

Taking the xaar 1201print head as an example, the ink cavity is composed of five different materials. In the test, each material sample needs to be continuously immersed in a constant temperature and humidity environment for 12 weeks, and the degree of corrosion and penetration of each material should be observed and recorded at regular intervals to determine whether the ink can pass the test.

This kind of test is called a material compatibility test. The material compatibility test package has to be provided by the printhead manufacturer. Then, the test results are authoritative and representative. If the ink is poured into the printhead and printing, to tell if a printhead works or not, this is not a professional printing test. The result is often the risk and passed on to the printer end user.

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