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Choose Oil-Based Photo Cloth Carefully, and Don’t Let Your Advertisement Go for Nothing

Due to the variety of oil-based photo clothes, they can be widely used in various fields of our daily life. So what are the common types of oil-based photo cloths?

The common types of oil-based photo cloth are mainly as follows:

1. Linseed Canvas Color and Appearance

The linen is dimensionally stable, extremely strong, resistant to moisture and corrosion, not easy to mold, not easy to be brittle, making it to be durable. It is light, flexible, and resistant to impact. It is able to cushion external forces and conform to the expansion and contraction of the paint layer. Moreover, it can be rolled and transported. These characteristics enable it to be superior to other materials. It is the most suitable base material for oil painting creation. Linseed canvas has been used for hundreds of years.

2. Jute Canvas Color and Appearance

Jute is yellowish brown, and there is also a tradition of using this material to make canvas. Because the fiber is thick and hard, it is only suitable for extremely thick canvas. Due to the coarse texture, it is not suitable for inkjet printing.

3. Hemp Canvas Color and Appearance

Hemp ramie is naturally white, yellow, and white. It also has stability and durability as a canvas. Due to the coarse texture and many hairs, it is not suitable for inkjet printing.

4. Cotton Canvas Color and Appearance

When cotton is used for hand-painting, the tight and strong cotton canvas is often used as a canvas by painters when the fabric is not easy to obtain. However, due to its perishable, moldy, damp, and difficult-to-dry, the painter suffers a lot of troubles due to perishable and mildew defects. When used for inkjet canvas, the texture is very good.

5. Linen Cotton (Blend) Canvas Color and Appearance

Linen, cotton, linen scraps, and cotton blended base material is pale in appearance, grayish yellow, dull, covered with dense black, brown, and brown dots. It is characterized by low strength and easy to relax. It is a fabric that has appeared in recent years, with low quality and low price.

6. Yulu Sesame Canvas Color and Appearance

Yulu hemp is a high-quality flax, which refers to the flax planted and produced in Western Europe such as France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. After harvesting mature flax seedlings, they are rolled into bundles and placed in the field. After the rain, dew, wind, and frost, the central wood of the hemp rod is decayed. Then it is pressed, and combed to obtain bast fiber in the blue-gray cortex.

The above is a detailed introduction to the common types of oil-based photo cloth. I hope it will be helpful. What else do you have to add? Welcome to participate in the discussion.

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