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Why is StarFire 1024 Printhead Better?

The StarFire 1024 printhead launched by FUJIFILM Dimatix is an epoch-making printhead. This is due to its internal circulation ink supply technology, variable ink droplet technology, detachable repair structure, and high-density nozzle design. All these features enable it to meet almost all kinds of printing needs and high-standard industrial inkjet printing needs.

Starfire 1024 Printhead Features

1. RediJet Internal Circulation Technology

Starlight 1024 printhead adopts RediJet internal circulation technology, which continuously circulates the ink inside the nozzle and the ink chamber of the nozzle panel, which extends working time, reduces downtime, and reduces equipment startup time. It is especially suitable for applications with high-concentration ink, easy-to-settling ink, and quick-drying ink.

We know that during the inkjet production process, it is easy for the ink to become clogged or disconnected, and the operator has to suspend production for ink maintenance. The RediJet internal circulation technology of the Starfire 1024 printhead achieves the fastest and most convenient ink filling with the lowest ink loss. This can achieve 16 hours of ultra-long standby, eliminates the phenomenon of ink precipitation and plugging, eliminates the phenomenon of air bubbles interfering with printing, and completely frees up the workload of printing operators, making printing extremely easy.

2. Ver-saDrop Variable Ink Droplet Technology

Like RediJet technology, Ver-saDrop variable ink droplet technology is also unique to Dimatix. It can achieve true control and application of ink droplet size, going beyond general grayscale printing. Using VersaDrop technology, you can freely set the combination and size of ink droplets for full grayscale inkjet printing without affecting production efficiency at all. The grayscale level of the ink droplets is controlled and edited by a waveform that matches the ink, which means that the printhead is highly compatible with the ink, and replacing the ink will not affect the image effect. By adjusting the size of the ink droplets, multiple printing modes can be set up on the same machine without changing the printhead.

3. High-Density Nozzle Design

Starfire 1024 printhead adopts a single nozzle panel structure. Each Starfire 1024 printhead has 1024 independently controlled nozzle channels, which are arranged in 8 rows in parallel on a single nozzle panel. The physical resolution is as high as 400 dpi, and all 1024 nozzles can drive inkjet independently or simultaneously. In terms of production line speed, the ink output of Starlight 1024 per unit time is more than twice that of similar products, which is equivalent to more than quadrupling the production speed.

4. Repairable Printhead Structure

The printhead is the core component of the inkjet printer and is a consumable item in the traditional sense. However, due to chemical erosion, contamination of the ink supply system, and electronic and physical damage, the nozzles and ink system are blocked, or scratches on the nozzle panel are unavoidable. Usually, when encountering these situations, users have to replace the entire printhead. The repairability of Starfire 1024 eliminates the history of “blocking one nozzle and replacing the entire printhead”.
As the first repairable printhead, every part of the Starfire 1024 (nozzle panel and each nozzle piece, etc.) can be disassembled, cleaned, repaired, replaced, and repositioned with precision, which greatly reduces the user’s overall cost and long-term cost. At the same time, the Starfire 1024 printhead has multiple precision calibration positioning points inside and outside, making disassembly and installation precise and easy to operate, reducing the setup and calibration costs when repairing the printhead.

Starfire 1024 Printhead Versions

Starfire 1024 mainly has two versions: single-channel and dual-channel. The model identification is StarFire SG1024MA printhead (single channel) and StarFire SG1024MA-2C printhead (dual channel). The dimensions are different, and the appearance is as shown below.

StarFire SG1024MA (single channel)

StarFire SG1024MA-2C (dual channel)

Starfire 1024 Printhead Models

StarFire SG1024/MC
StarFire SG1024/MA
StarFire SG1024/MA-2C
StarFire SG1024/SA
StarFire SG1024/SA-2C
StarFire SG1024/SC
StarFire SG1024/LC
StarFire SG1024/LA2Ci
StarFire SG1024/XSA

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