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How About the Applications of Epson S3200 Printhead?

Epson S3200 printhead has been on the market for nearly five years, but currently, there are not many application devices. Most of the devices on the market are used in the textile field. For example, JHF, Flora, etc. all have this printhead equipment on display. Only then did we understand that this series of printheads has a wider range of applications and huge advantages.
It should be easy for us to search for technical data and some simple analysis about Epson S3200 on the Internet, but more data has not been officially recognized. This time Johope will share with you some official data released by Epson S3200.

First of all, there are currently two types of Epson S3200 series printheads, namely: S3200-U1 (UV/ECO: commonly known as oil-based head) and S3200-A1 (AQ: commonly known as water-based head);

Epson S3200 Printhead Parameters

PrecisionCore Technology

The core of PrecisionCore of Epson printhead is the PrecisionCore printing chip. Compared with the previous thin-film piezoelectric (TFP) technology, the basic performance of the PrecisionCore printing chip has been greatly improved, which mainly includes faster speed and more precise ink drop control and compensation between nozzles.

The careful design and processing of the nozzle shape ensures the roundness of the ink droplets to the maximum extent to form high-definition image quality while ensuring the good durability of the nozzles. This hole-shaped design is very helpful to ensure the roundness of the ink droplets, and at the same time solves the problem that the ink outlet of the tapered hole is prone to chips and burrs, which in turn causes oblique spraying, the increase of satellite points, oblique spraying and scattered spraying.

Nozzles shape diagram of Epson PrecisionCore printing chip

Nozzles shape diagram of Epson PrecisionCore printing chip

Modular Design

More flexible arrangement of nozzle groups. Arrange them in different ways to build various print heads. They can be arranged side by side or staggered to form different print heads for different applications. The basic arrangement unit is 400×2=800 nozzles as a unit, theoretically infinite arrangement. The Epson S3200 printhead is arranged in four groups with a total of 3200 nozzles. It can be said that the S3200 series print head is an integrated inkjet unit. It can be run alone or in multiple groups.

S-shaped Design Realizing Single-Pass Printing

The normal splicing method of printheads, whether arranged in a staggered manner or side by side, will undoubtedly encounter problems with the outer dimensions of the printheads: on the one hand, the area of ​​the cart plate increases and the weight increases, which increases the risk of the cart motion system; on the other hand, the machining accuracy of the cart plate is different, which leads to changes in the final equipment movement accuracy and increases the difficulty of debugging; the Epson S3200 printhead solves this problem very well. The overall weight of the cart is reduced, and the size is reduced, making it easy to achieve a lightweight design. (See below)

Convenient diagram for printhead splicing

Schematic diagram for printhead splicing

Nozzles and Their Arrangement

The printhead has a total of 3200 effective nozzles. Since each group of nozzles in the printhead design is partially overlapping, the actual distribution number of single-color nozzles at 120.2mm (4.73 inches) is 2840. The single color is 600npi and the double color is 300npi. The overlapping part is shown below.

Epson S3200 nozzle overlapping part

Printhead overlapping part

Don’t be confused, it’s actually very simple. One row of single color overlaps 60 nozzles, and two rows of double colors have 120 nozzles. A total of three overlapping nozzles are 360. The actual total number of holes in the two rows of double colors is 2840 nozzles; as can be seen from the picture above The two-color color arrangement is as follows:

Epson S3200 printhead color sorting

Nozzle color sorting (the number of nozzles is a schematic diagram)

Special reminder that this is a two-color head, not a 4-color or 8-color head. So you can’t use one printhead with a four-color machine. The minimum configuration of four colors is two printheads. However, the design of the Epson S3200 series printheads should not have one or two heads for four-color printing as its main purpose. The pursuit of multiple printheads and high speed is the design principle of the Epson S3200 printhead. The more printheads, the greater the advantage.

Epson S3200 Printhead Practical Application

1. Printing mode. The Epson S3200 printhead is still suitable for economical small-format scanning printing equipment. If you want to use it on a SINGLE-PASS machine, because its actual ink droplets are too small, the nozzle spacing is 600 dpi. If you print a single-color pattern, its color block density will seem insufficient. Of course, this problem can also be solved by using double splicing for some parts.

2. Different inks. There is no problem with water-based ink, but for UV ink, it is necessary to design a nozzle heating plan. For this printhead, some parts in the printhead may have poor compatibility for different inks. Usually, printhead manufacturers will differentiate different printheads for different ink applications, so do not use the wrong combination of printhead and ink.

3. Ink supply system. For the S3200 printhead without an ink damper, a siphon ink supply method is better. Because some ink dampers have a one-way valve, the soft bag can be placed at a certain height. If it does not have a one-way valve, the ink position should be placed at a height of about 25mm on the surface of the printhead. Since a soft bag is used to directly supply ink, a filter must be added to the soft bag and the ink must be degassed to ensure long-term stable printing of the printhead.

For the Epson S3200 printhead with circulation, the design of its circulation system and related filtration system is still very critical. Usually, the ink supply system of this type of equipment is relatively complex, so this type of printhead is suitable for trial use on better digital printing machines.


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