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Why Does the Roland Printing Machine often Clean the Print Head?

Recently, I received feedback from someone that his Roland printing machine often automatically cleans the print head for no reason when printing. I don’t know if you have encountered such a problem. So why does the printing machine often clean the Roland print head?

One of the reasons why the Roland printing machine often automatically cleans the print head is that the print head is damaged, or the print head is not damaged but blocked. These problems may cause the machine to clean the print head frequently, but these problems can be avoided.

The Main Methods to Avoid Automatic Cleaning of the Print Head

1. There should be a certain time interval between each switch on and off, preferably after 5 minutes.

2. It is best to turn off the machine when changing the print head. Make sure there is 20ml of ink in the print head.
It should not be too much or too little. Attention should be paid to the ink filling of the new print head, and 20ml of ink should be injected into it with a syringe. When pushing the ink, push it gently, or pull it out to let the syringe automatically draw the ink into it. After that, use a manual mute device to pump a little ink. After pumping, you can’t wipe the nozzles of the print head with a paper towel. You should gently dip the ink on the nozzles of the print head, and then perform filling and all color tests. Start drawing.

3. The ink path must be unblocked, and the ink tube must not be folded.
There must be no air in the ink tube. The ink in the large left ink cartridge connected to the ink tube should not be too small nor more than 2/3 of the ink cartridge.

4. The machine reports errors, such as current overload or high temperature. After seeing which color it is, shut down immediately. After the problem is solved, it is best to check whether there is ink on the lower contact belt and the print head chip. If there is, clean it, wait for 5 minutes after drying, and then turn it on again.

5. Print the test strip before work every day, after confirming that it is correct, then print the picture.

Roland Printing Machine Daily Maintenance Method:

1. The ambient temperature is kept at room temperature (about 22 degrees Celsius), there is a certain humidity, and the dust is as small as possible.

2. Regularly maintain the machine to reduce the impact of dust, ink, etc. on the Roland photo machine.

3. It is recommended to use the link specified by the merchant, and cannot be mixed with ink.

4. Do not plug and unplug the printing line with power on, otherwise, it will cause damage to the motherboard.

5. Be careful not to wipe the nozzles of the ink head. If there is ink, you can use a lint-free cloth or a good-quality paper towel to stick it and absorb it, otherwise, it may cause the ink hole to be blocked.

6. When feeding and withdrawing the paper forwards and backward, do not press and hold a button for too long to move forward or backward. You should press the button for no more than 10 seconds, pause for a while, and then continue, otherwise, it will cause damage to the stepper motor or the motherboard.

7. The residue in the large ink tank should be cleaned and filtered on schedule to prevent the bottom of the sediment from entering the pipeline to block the pipeline and the ink head.

8. Operators should develop a good habit of keeping operation logs (especially during shifts), record the machine under different temperatures, humidity, and other weather, on different paper materials and various printing modes, and various specific parameters for various types of The printing situation of the printer file, sum up the best work experience.

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