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Konica 1024 Printhead: Everything You Need Know!

Konica 1024 printhead is an industrial inkjet printhead that uses piezoelectric on-demand ink supply. Its printing width is 72mm, achieving higher productivity.

KM1024 Printhead Features

1. The use of 1024 multi-nozzles greatly increases productivity, enabling 72 mm wide printing. The unit is equipped with twice the number of nozzles on the KM512 printhead, providing the high density needed to achieve a 72mm print width. The increased width is more suitable for printing systems that require high productivity.

2. The use of a new, high-efficiency piezoelectric actuator reduces the energy consumption of the printhead by 50%. Konica Minolta’s piezoelectric drop-on-demand printheads already drive at lower voltages than other printheads, and the new actuator used in the KM1024 reduces energy consumption even further. This makes the printhead ideal for “green” designs, demonstrating Konica Minolta’s ongoing respect for the environment.

3. The addition of 1024 grayscale levels to Konica printheads reproduces rich tones and subtle gradients, making the printhead even more attractive for existing and new printing applications.

4. The KM1024 printhead equipped with a new control IC can print up to 8 drop sizes. Gain greater control over printed images, reproducing smooth color gradients and precisely matched tones.

5. The Konica 1024 printhead breaks the traditional Konica 512 series in one fell swoop and stands out among various series of Konica printheads to become the leader in today’s inkjet printer industry. Among them, the ultra-thin and space-saving print head shape of the Konica 1024 improves the printing quality and makes the machine design more compact.

6. The KM1024 printhead can be mounted compactly, minimizing alignment errors in shipping or traversing systems. Improved print registration for consistent high-quality printing. Since multiple print heads can be installed in a smaller space, the length of the printing channel is usually greatly shortened and the overall volume of the machine is reduced.

7. The KM1024 is suitable for a wide range of industrial printing applications. The product range includes printheads with integral heaters compatible with solvent-based, UV, and oil ink types.

Konica 1024 Printhead Cleaning

Take Konica 1024-12PL printhead as an example. The printhead has been used since 2014. There are a total of 7 printheads, and all of them have been clogged to varying degrees.
Cleaning tools: 1000ml cleaning fluid, printhead clearing fluid, disposable gloves, tissue paper, cleaning sticks, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.
There are a total of 9 steps to clean the Konica printhead of the UV printer:
1. Cut off the ink tube from the original ink inlet of the printhead and install a new adapter to facilitate connection with the cleaning machine;
2. Pour the cleaning fluid into the cleaning machine and ultrasonic machine;
3. After connecting, turn on the cleaning mode;
4. Observe the linear shape of water droplets ejected from the nozzle hole of the printhead to determine the status;
5. Stop cleaning and apply a small amount of dredging liquid to the surface of the printhead with a cleaning stick;
6. Turn on the cleaning machine and continuously wipe the surface of the printhead;
7. Place the printhead in the ultrasonic instrument and oscillate for 1 minute for cleaning;
8. Repeat the above process 8-15 times (depending on the condition of the printhead)
9. Place the cleaned printhead aside;
10. After all the printheads have been cleaned, collect the waste cleaning fluid, tissue paper, etc.
Precautions for cleaning the Konica printhead of the UV printer:
1. Non-professionals must not operate it, otherwise, the printhead will be easily damaged by direct washing;
2. Disposable gloves and matching masks must be worn;
3. During the cleaning process, the force should be light, and the status of the printhead should be carefully observed and adjusted in time;
4. Do not clean the printhead for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to it.

Which one is Better for UV Printing? Seiko 1024 Printhead vs Konica 1024 Printhead

Seiko 1024 printhead and Konica 1024 printhead are relatively excellent. They all have the characteristics of high precision, high speed, and high stability, and are widely used in digital printing, inkjet printing, textile printing, and other fields.

Among them, the Seiko 1024 printhead is mainly produced by the Japanese company Seiko Epson. It has higher resolution and longer service life. Its printing accuracy can reach 1440 dpi, and the number of prints per second is faster. At the same time, due to the adoption of tailored fiber placement technology (TFP technology), it can achieve smoother and more uniform inkjet fit and is good at processing pictures, image gradients, and color transitions.

The manufacturer of the Konica 1024 printhead is Japan’s Konica Minolta. This model can reduce visible streaks to a minimum by tilting the nozzle and spreading the ink over a larger area, thereby achieving excellent print quality. Among the technical parameters, the size and nozzle diameter is similar to the Seiko 1024 printhead. The Konica 1024 printhead has very good durability and is suitable for large-scale printing production.

Overall, both printheads offer excellent performance and reliability, and which one you choose depends on your specific needs and usage environment. If you are pursuing higher printing resolution and smoother color gradient effect, you can choose Seiko 1024 printhead; while Konica 1024 printhead is suitable for large-scale printing production, with longer service life and better durability.

Konica 512 Printhead vs 1024 Printhead

1. The number of nozzles is twice that of the Konica 512 printhead, and the printing width is increased to 72mm through high density. The above-mentioned wide-format design can be better applied to printing systems that pursue higher production efficiency (high-speed printing) (such as commercial printers with single-pass printing, etc.).

2. By developing and using a new actuator, the power consumption of the Konica 1024 printhead has been reduced by about 50% compared to the existing KM512 series. The environmental protection advantages are further highlighted.

3. The thickness of the 1024 printhead is thinner than that of the KM512 inkjet printhead. This enables the compact design of the nozzle mounting part, thereby enabling the printing system to be miniaturized.

4. Compared with the KM512 series, this product is developed using a low-capacitance actuator, which reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 50% during use.

More info. about Konica 512 printhead.

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