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Konica 512 Printhead: A Brief Introduction

Konica printheads are widely used in UV printers, inkjet printers, flatbed printers, and other fields. There are many models of Konica printheads, which are widely used in photo machines, outdoor inkjet printers, etc., and some are also used in UV printers. The Konica printhead models used on UV printers mainly include the early Konica 1024 and Konica 512, which are now rarely used in UV printers. The main reason is that the accuracy is not high enough and the fine effect cannot be achieved. The Konica printheads currently used in UV printers are mainly 512i and 1024i.

Konica 512 Printhead Features

Industrial inkjet printheads for a variety of applications
Shear mode, piezoelectric drop-on-demand printhead: Piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet applies an electric field based on a signal and uses the deformation of a small ink chamber made of piezoelectric material to eject ink droplets. The shear mode piezoelectric actuation principle of a shared cavity wall structure enables both low energy consumption and high-density nozzle arrangement.
High resolution of 360 dpi and 512 nozzles: The high resolution of 360 dpi enables 512 nozzles to be arranged on the compact print head.
The KM512 series includes types L, M, and S, with corresponding unit ink drop volumes of 42pl, 14pl, and 4pl respectively. Types M and S can be driven in 4-step grayscale mode for reproducing high-quality images with smooth tones.
Compatible with solvent, UV, and oil-based inks: Due to its specially designed internal structure, the KM512 series has a wide range of ink compatibility, including strong solvent-based inks commonly used by wide-format printers. Inks such as UV inks with higher viscosity at room temperature can be heated to 55 degrees Celsius with the H-type internal heater.
Compact design of printhead mounting system: This series has a specially designed “wing” structure to allow users to easily and accurately align the print head. This feature allows an easy combination of page-width printhead units for unidirectional high-speed printing. The same external design facilitates the interchangeability of different types of printheads on the same mounting system.

Models of Konica KM512 Printheads

KM512LN-Konica 512 42pl solvent printhead
KM512LH-Konica 512 42pl uv printhead
KM512LNX-Konica 512 35pl solvent printhead
KM512MN-Konica 512 14pl solvent printhead
KM512MH-Konica 512 14pl uv printhead

Konica 512 Printhead Maintenance Status

Ink breakage of Konica 512 printhead: Generally, ink breakage is accompanied by the following situations:
1. It is good to print the test strip, but it will break after a while or even after a few times when drawing the picture. However, the ink can still be drawn after pressing down, but it still breaks after being applied for a while.
2. When the ink is pressed after the ink is cut off, there is still air coming out of the nozzle.
3. The ink drips slowly when pressing the ink, and the ink cannot be pressed out seriously.
4. The darker the color of the picture, the more serious the disconnection.
The above problem is because the printhead filter is blocked by impurities. As a result, the ink supply is insufficient during rapid drawing, resulting in sudden ink interruption. Slight ink breakage can be solved by cleaning. Serious ink breakage must be completely solved by replacing the filter.

The Konica 512 printhead oblique spraying, needle deflection, burrs, and disconnection are all caused by the nozzle plugging.
The specific problem will be analyzed in detail. Generally, in the above situation, it depends on how much cleaning fluid can be released after flushing. If the flushing fluid feels clogged or doesn’t feel very good. That means the printhead is caused by a clog and can be repaired. On the contrary, if the cleaning fluid is very smooth and does not flow out, it may be caused by the aging of the piezoelectric crystal. This situation is difficult to repair.

Konica 512 printhead film peeling off: Due to the design principle of the Konica printhead, improper printing operation causes the Konica 512 printhead film to fall off, and the fallen part will not produce ink. In this case, just protect it and reattach the good diaphragm. In general, inspection by a professional maintenance company shall prevail.


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