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Ink drying, print head clogging, maintenance strategy of inkjet printer in summer

Inkjet printer has become one of the indispensable electronic devices in our daily life and work. With the development of high-tech technology, inkjet printers can not only achieve high-speed printing, but also print better and better, which can completely replace the traditional printing methods.

However, under the high-temperature weather in summer, due to the increase of ambient temperature, inkjet printers are prone to various failures and problems. To prolong the life and stability of the inkjet printer, we need to maintain it. Next, this paper will introduce the matters needing attention in the summer maintenance of inkjet printers.


First, clean the print head regularly

In high temperature environment, dust and dirt are easy to accumulate on the print head of inkjet printer, which will lead to the decline of printing quality. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the print head regularly in summer maintenance. First of all, turn off the power of the printer, then dip a soft cloth in a proper amount of detergent and gently wipe the print head. It should be noted that do not use cleaners containing alcohol or other volatile substances, otherwise the print head may be damaged.

Second, avoid direct sunlight

Ink-jet printers need to be placed away from direct sunlight, because high temperature and ultraviolet rays will damage the parts and ink cartridges inside the printer, thus affecting the printing quality. Therefore, in summer maintenance, it is best to place the inkjet printer in a shady place or use a special printer cover for protection.

Third, replace the ink cartridge in time

Summer is one of the seasons with the shortest life of ink cartridges, and high temperature will accelerate the volatilization and evaporation of ink, thus shortening the service life of ink cartridges. Therefore, in summer maintenance, it is necessary to replace the ink cartridges in time to avoid the degradation of printing quality caused by dry or expired ink cartridges.


Fourth, keep the printer well ventilated

In the high temperature environment in summer, inkjet printers are prone to moisture and heat, which may cause ink loss or damage to internal parts of the printer. Therefore, in summer maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the printer is well ventilated to prevent moisture. At the same time, if the printer is not used, it is best to store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and heat.

Five, regular maintenance

In addition to the above points for attention, summer maintenance also requires regular and comprehensive maintenance. For example, clean the casing and drum of the printer, check whether the nozzle is blocked, and whether parts need to be replaced. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of inkjet printers and ensure stable printing quality.


In a word, the maintenance of inkjet printer is very important to prolong its life and stability. In summer, we need to pay special attention to placement, cleanliness, printing quality and safety, so as to keep the inkjet printer running stably in high temperature weather. I hope this article can provide some practical suggestions and methods for everyone to use and maintain inkjet printers better.

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