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How to Choose: Epson Printheads or Ricoh Printheads


The Epson printhead is the most commonly used and longest-lasting printhead for UV flatbed printers due to its high precision. It is the most precise printhead in the field of UV printers. Of course, there are pros and cons. The stability of Epson printheads is relatively good for photo machines, but it is not ideal for use with UV printers. The ink dots produced by Epson printheads are small and delicate, but their printing speed is very slow. Ricoh printheads are currently recognized as the best printheads in industrial machines. They combine the precision of Epson and the speed of Konica, making them the best choice for high-end products.

Differences Between Epson Printheads and Ricoh Printheads

When it comes to printheads, the first thing that comes to mind is the printer. The well-known printers in China today are HP, Epson, Canon, Lenovo, Brother, Samsung, etc. These printers are all office-type printers in China. All printers must use printheads; even laser printers are no exception. Today the editor is telling you about flatbed printers and UV printers that have become popular in recent years.
At present, domestic UV printers are mainly divided into the Epson series, Seiko series, Ricoh series, Konica series, Kyocera series, etc. Most of the ones we often come into contact with are the small and medium-sized models of the Epson series and Ricoh’s industrial models.

Ricoh printheads and Epson printheads are two different types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and specializes in different fields. You cannot blindly say which one is better and which one is worse.
Ricoh printheads are industrial-grade printheads that require secondary ink cartridges and a negative pressure system to control ink output. However, the nozzles of industrial printheads are large, making it difficult to print finely. However, printing is fast and efficient. As we all know, there is a large-scale UV machine called 2513 (UV models are named according to the size of the printing format). That is why Ricoh printheads are mainly used on the market.
There is no doubt that Epson printheads have the highest printing accuracy in the flatbed/UV printer industry. Because its nozzles are small, with the smallest nozzle reaching 1.5 pl, it can print more detailed effects and is loved by many customers who require high definition. However, due to its slow printing speed, it is not suitable for mass production. Therefore, 90% of Epson printheads are installed on small and medium-sized models, which are suitable for small-batch processing customization and personalized printing customization.

So Epson printheads are so good, why do so many people dislike them?

The lifespan of a new original Epson printhead is generally 8–10 months. If daily maintenance is done well, many people use it for more than two years.
However, due to the current shortage of Epson printheads in the industry, especially the popular DX5 and other printheads, if there is no inventory, it is impossible to find brand-new printheads on the market. But second-hand or refurbished heads are different. Recycling scrapped machines or second-hand machines on the market and refurbishing poorly functioning printheads will greatly reduce the cost. Therefore, to be cheap, save on machine costs, and obtain extra profits, many manufacturers use second-hand or refurbished ones. Especially now that Epson has encrypted many printheads, they cannot get reliable new ones, and this phenomenon is even more serious.
There are currently many small and medium-sized models on the market using Epson printheads, and there are many Epson printhead models. There are so many XP series alone. The XP600 printhead, as it is called on the market, actually does not have this model. For example, XP530, XP535, XP630, XP635, etc. are collectively called XP600. It can be said that there are so many types that it is difficult to distinguish them.


What is the difference between Epson printheads and Ricoh printheads? There are differences, but it mainly depends on what product you are printing and then which printhead you choose. I prefer the G5i printhead because of its high printing accuracy, fast printing speed, and rich printing solutions.


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