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Why Choose an Epson Printhead i3200 for a White Ink Printer?

Why choose the Epson printhead i3200 for white ink printers? There are many types and models of printheads. If you want to make a good product, you must choose them well. The Epson i3200 series has 3 different models corresponding to different applications. The i3200-A1 printhead is suitable for water-based ink, the i3200-U1 printhead is suitable for UV ink, and the i3200-E1 is suitable for eco-solvent ink. Choose the appropriate one according to our product conditions.

The Reason Why People Choose Epson Printhead i3200 for White Ink Printers?

On the surface, it is a question of print head selection, but it is also an application problem that different printheads are aimed at different inks and different market needs. To better improve the consistency and coordination with ink and substrate, this is the original intention of Epson printhead i3200 series printheads to be divided into different types such as water-based, UV, eco-solvent, etc., with targeted segmentation.

The product color blocks printed by the i3200 series print head are cleaner and smoother. At the same time, the ink droplets ejected are close to a perfect circle, accurately positioning the screen. It supports variable ink droplet technology to achieve multi-grayscale printing, reducing the graininess of the picture, making color transitions smoother, and bringing high-saturation and gorgeous color output.

How to Maintain the Epson Printhead i3200?

Frequently Used Printheads

1. Before printing, clean the dirt and dust on the printing platform area and the surface of the printing film to prevent dust from being adsorbed on the printhead surface due to electrostatic characteristics during the printing process, thereby blocking the nozzles.
2. After starting the white ink printer and before turning off the printer every day, print a printhead test strip and check its status. If there is blockage or oblique spraying, the blocked nozzles should be cleaned in time.
3. During the printing process, it is recommended to use special cleaning fluid to clean the remaining ink on the surface of the printhead every 2-5 hours to prevent the ink from clogging the nozzles of the white ink printer after being left to solidify for a long time.
4. During the printing process, avoid some nozzles not spraying ink for a long time. It is recommended to add 6 color bars on both sides of the image without affecting the picture to prevent some nozzles from being blocked due to a certain color not spraying ink for a long time.
5. During the printing process, if the ink of the printhead is found to be broken or sprayed at an angle, the printhead should be hung up and cleaned in time to avoid the problem of ink blockage after the nozzle is left standing for a long time.
6. At the end of the daily printing work of the white ink printer, you need to use special cleaning fluid to clean the residual ink on the printhead surface and around the base plate and use the cleaning fluid to paste a new, clean non-woven fabric on the printhead surface, and give the entire Install a dust cover on the cart to avoid ink condensation and clogging of the printhead.

epson i3200 U1

Printheads that Have Not Been Used for a Long Time

If your white ink printer or other machine works less frequently, it should also be maintained regularly. Because from the moment the Epson printhead i3200 is filled with ink, it needs to be kept moist and not dry. If the printhead is not used for too long, the ink inside it will dry out and clog the printhead. So regular maintenance is very necessary.
1. Keep printing twice a week. The printing volume does not need to be too large. The purpose is to keep the ink smooth and moist and avoid drying and hardening.
2. If the printhead has not been used for a long time, moisturizing liquid is needed to moisturize the printhead first, and then turn on the machine to let the ink flow in for printing.
If there are long holidays, there are corresponding maintenance measures – under professional operation, use cleaning fluid to clean and maintain the printhead internally.
In addition to the maintenance of the printhead itself, the maintenance of the ink capping is also very important. The ink capping and the printhead are integrated and inseparable. The ink capping also needs to be kept moist at all times to seal and moisturize the printhead. Therefore, manufacturers cannot ignore the maintenance of ink cappings while maintaining printheads.
Finally, all machines, whether they are white ink printers, crystal mark printers, or white ink heat transfer direct-injection machines, must undergo regular machine inspections. Routine maintenance and regular inspection can keep the machine in the best condition and print the best products.

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