why Choose an i3200 Nozzle for a White Ink Printer?

Why choose the i3200 nozzle for white ink hot stamping printer? There are many types and models of nozzles, and if you want to make a good product nozzle choice, you must choose well. Epson i3200 series has 3 different models corresponding to different applications, the i3200-A1 nozzle is suitable for water-based ink, the i3200-U1 nozzle is suitable for UV ink, the i3200-E1 is suitable for weak solvent ink, according to our product situation to choose the right nozzle can be.

On the surface, it is a problem of printhead selection, but it is also an application problem of different nozzles for different inks and different market needs. Better improve the consistency and coordination of the ink and medium, which is the original intention of the Epson I3200 series printhead divided into different types of waterborne, UV, weak solvent, etc., with targeted segmentation, to make a better product design.

Epson’s i3200 weak solvent nozzle printer prints promotional posters, light box advertisements, car stickers, lamp cloths, lightbox pieces, etc.; The mesh belt printer can have high-quality printing effects on leather, film, PVC, silk coil, and other materials.

After the EPSON nozzle factory has optimized, improved, and upgraded this nozzle, the i3200 nozzle has all the characteristics of a good photo nozzle!

In addition to the i3200 original nozzle on the market, there are 4720 nozzles and XP600 nozzles, the amount and accuracy of inkjet ink is far less than that of 3200 nozzles if you pursue the quality of customers recommended choosing 3200 nozzles, and the budget is relatively small and do low-end requirements of customers can choose 4720 nozzles or XP600 nozzles.


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