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How to Maintain the Print Head under Low Temperature?

Winter temperatures will affect the operation of the nozzle, the winter is the worst season, the inkjet nozzle is out of ink, and other issues, to tell you the reasons for these.

First, the temperature effects:

After the temperature is reduced, the most common phenomenon is the nozzle “fake plugging”, that is, individual nozzles “broken line” because of the same ink, the temperature decreases, the viscosity will becomes larger, the viscosity too large, high-speed printing prone when “Broken line”, many advertising companies use inkjet machine, will think it is blocked nozzle, but once cleaned, normal immediately, not long before, will repeat itself, the customer will think it is ink quality problems.

Followed by the ink absorption and dryness problems, the temperature is too low, which is not conducive to the inkjet coating ink absorption, but also conducive to the ink solvent evaporation. Cause “pile ink” phenomenon.

Second, the impact of humidity:

“Dry” and “wet” are measured in terms of “relative humidity,” and the “relative humidity” is not exactly how much water (“absolute humidity”) exists in the air in gaseous form, but also depends on the temperature. “Absolute Humidity “is unchanged, the temperature rises, and” relative humidity “will drop. In low winter temperatures, whether it is heating or air-conditioning heating, the relative humidity will drop – dry.

Dry will cause the ink easily in the nozzle condensation, resulting in the “blocking the nozzle” illusion; In addition, the dry environment is more likely to make the material Alice edge, especially PP paper, accidentally, rub the nozzle, if serious, will cause the nozzle and the motor damage.

Third, the impact of static electricity and dust:

An additional consequence of the relative humidity reduction is the increase in static electricity and dust. Electrostatic discharge is the number one culprit in the destruction of electronic products because integrated circuits are most afraid of static electricity. Ten years ago, when the computer was not yet “flying into the homes of ordinary people,” most of the work was done in the computer room, where specialized anti-static floors were installed. Nowadays, in the common indoor environment, especially the use of air conditioners and carpets, static electricity in winter is particularly apt to burn the circuit board and the inkjet print head.

The electrostatic discharge will also lead to a decline in print quality, inkjet media are mostly “insulated”, inkjet printer if there are no good anti-static measures or no ground wire, the jet of ink droplets will be due to static and deviate from the direction, resulting in “fly Ink “or” splashed ink “phenomenon, print quality will decline seriously.

Dust, including fibers on inkjet materials, is also easily attached to the surface of the material and is further attached to the surface of the nozzle under static electricity, causing print quality problems.

In summary, the winter due to the climate and some physical phenomena, inkjet nozzle damage is a very high probability, so we must take preventive measures, and be sure to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the machine to ensure that the work area the right temperature (20-28 Degree) and humidity (40% -70%), the machine life by the usual details of the maintenance.

Universal flat-panel printer nozzle is generally composed of 1440 nozzles, flat-panel printers are generally 8 colors, a color of 180 nozzles ejected, a total of 8 colors 1440 nozzles, the nozzle before the color conversion is a “smart” nozzle size and Dust particles almost. If dust, small objects, etc. enter the nozzle, the nozzle will be clogged and no ink will be ejected. At the same time, the nozzle panel is also easily contaminated with ink.


Even if the nozzle into the air, the ink jet may also occur a bad phenomenon. Therefore, the maintenance of flatbed printer nozzles is very important, routine maintenance should be done:

(1) Do not remove the print head from the main unit and place it separately, especially under high temperature and low humidity conditions. If it is left for a long time, the moisture contained in the ink gradually evaporates, and the dried ink will cause the nozzle to clog. If the nozzle is clogged, clean it. If the cleaning can not achieve the purpose, then replace the new nozzle.

(2) Avoid touching the nozzle surface with fingers and tools to prevent nozzle surface damage or debris, oil, and other blocking nozzle. Do not blow the nozzle parts, and do not sweat, oil, drugs (alcohol), and so on the nozzle, causing ink composition, and viscosity changes, causing the ink clotting to freeze. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with paper, lens paper, cloth, etc.

(3) It is best not to turn off the power while the printer is printing. Turn the printer OFFLINE first, turn off the power when the printhead cap is closed, and then unplug the printer. Otherwise, the printer can not perform cap operation on some models of printer, exposing the nozzles to dry air can cause the ink to dry out.


If the nozzle is plugged in the need to clean the nozzle. Methods as below:

1. the cleaning nozzle

A software cleaning through the printer driver in the maintenance function for automatic cleaning;

B ink-jet cleaning ink cartridges in the initial position, the hose with a syringe connected to the waste ink tube on the force of approximately 5 ml of ink, do not make the cylinder rebound, will cause the mixed color of the nozzle, in the If there is any problem during the ink-jetting process, the ink can be manually moved to ensure a good seal between the nozzle and the ejector protector. Ink and then software cleaning;

C Note pumping cleaning out of the car, unplug the ink sac, the hose with the cleaning solution syringe needle connected to the nozzle, the appropriate pressure to push back, pumping, to the vertical jet nozzle complete thin line;

D PRINT CLEANING Replace ink with clogged nozzles with “Nozzle Wash Liquid” and print the color patches using vector graphics software until the printhead clogs clear and replace with the original ink. Note: 100% C is blue ink, 100% M is red ink, 100% Y is yellow ink, 100% K is black ink, 30% C is light blue ink, 30% M is light red ink, Is light black, 30% is light black.

2. maintenance nozzle

Such as the use sprinklers need a longer period of idle, and need to be on the nozzle for professional maintenance.

Remove the printhead from the printer by the correct method and clean the remaining ink stains.

B Use a cleaning solution to clean the printhead thoroughly.

C Apply a dedicated printhead care solution to each inkjet printhead.

D Use a protective film to properly wrap the printhead and load the Sprinkler box.

Just follow the above instructions to operate, generally caused by the nozzle can solve the problem!

There are now some people who say that “tablet printer performance and quality are very unstable” In fact, stable and unstable are relative! For people who use tablet printers the performance is good, do not use that flatbed printer performance is not good, most of the machines is not of bad quality and performance instability but are caused by improper personal operation.

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