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Epson print head is the most widely used for UV printers in China, the main advantage of this head is the highest precision for UV printers.

Of course, there are pros and cons, Epson prints head speed relatively more slowly. The stability of use is relatively good for photo machines, but it is not ideal for UV printers. Epson print head, the effect of out of the ink is small and more delicate.

However, Epson’s head should be understanding, the speed is very slow, their short service life (normal use time is 7-8 months). We can barely use it for one year when we take care of it.



Compared with the Epson head, in actual application, the Konica head is slightly better than Epson, belonging to the second level in the head echelon, mainly used for outdoor-wide advertising. Konica’snozzles are dot thick, suitable for some patterns that do not require accuracy. It should be noted that when purchasing a KUKA UV printer, internal heating is more stable and durable than external heating.



Ricoh print head, the series of this head is currently recognized as the best industrial machine inside the print head, it occupies the King position, and more than 70% of the imported machines are used this series head. Ricoh’s head combines the precision of Epson’s head and the speed of Seiko’s head.



Starfire 1024 print head is the darling of the inkjet market, it is UJIFILM Dimatix introduced as a landmark printhead product. Starfire 1024 head uses RediJet internal circulation technology, variable ink droplet technology, detachable maintenance structure, and high-density nozzle design. Almost to meet the high standards of industrial inkjet printing needs. As the first repairable head, each part of Starfire 1024 (nozzle panel and each piece of nozzle sheet, etc.) can be demolished, cleaned, repaired, replacement, and re-precision positioning installation, which greatly reduces the user’s machine cost and long-term use costs. At the same time, Starfire 1024 head had several precision calibration positioning points inside and outside. The demolition and installation of precise are easy to operate, reducing the head’s cost of repair settings and calibration.

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