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Epson, Konica, Ricoh, Starfire Printhead Comparison

Epson Inkjet Printhead

There are various types of inkjet printheads to choose from. In the domestic printhead market, Epson is the most commonly used and longest-lasting printhead in China. The main advantage of this printhead is its high precision. It is the most precise printhead in the field of printers. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. The ink dots produced by the inkjet printhead are small and relatively delicate; users who have used Epson printheads should know that its printing speed is very slow and the life is short (normal use time is 7-8 months). If used well, it can barely be used for one year.

The reason is that Epson is a commercial printhead, and the price of Epson is between ¥5,500 and ¥8,000. What is pursued is precision and sacrifice is speed, which is suitable for small-batch customization. Many users report that machines using Epson printheads often have problems. This is indeed true, but it is unfair to blame the problems on Epson printheads. They are used in Japan and have a good reputation. Why are they so acclimated to China? The reason is that Epson has high requirements for ink accuracy. To save costs, some users and even manufacturers use alternative inks. The alternative inks are cheap and greatly reduce the performance in all aspects, which ultimately leads to constant problems during the printing process.

Konica Inkjet Printhead

Compared with Epson printheads, in terms of actual application, Konica printheads are slightly better. They belong to the second level of the nozzle echelon and are mainly suitable for outdoor wide-width advertising. Konica inkjet printheads have large nozzle holes and thick ink dots, which are suitable for printing patterns that do not require precision. It should be noted that when purchasing a UV printer with Konica printhead, internal heating is more stable and durable than external heating.

Advantages and features of Konica printheads:

1. The inkjet printhead is a double-row ink inlet pipe with uniform flow and pressure.

2. Ensure printing quality.

3. Some brands are single-row.

Konica printheads are fully enclosed, waterproof, and anti-aging. Some brands have semi-exposed or exposed printheads. The main disadvantages of semi-exposure are as follows:

1. With chips, circuit boards, etc. outside, it is easy to get stuck in the circuit fibers and burn the ends.

2. The nozzle plug is made of plastic and is prone to aging.

Since the Konica printhead is fully enclosed, there will be no short circuit or other situations mentioned above.

Moreover, Konica printheads have a long life (about two years) and there is no need to replace them, which will greatly save maintenance costs. It is very expressive in terms of accuracy and has fast printing speed. The accuracy of 14pl is 1440dpi, and the accuracy of 42pl is 720dpl. The printing 1pass is equivalent to the 2passa of some other printheads. Its selling price is around 9,000 to 20,000.

Ricoh Printhead

Ricoh printheads, this series of inkjet printheads are currently recognized as the best printheads in industrial machines. It not only occupies the absolute king position in China but is also used by more than 70% of imported machines abroad. Ricoh printheads combine Epson precision and Seiko speed, making them the best choice for high-end products. The Ricoh G5 is the printhead with the highest printing accuracy after the Epson printhead. However, the price of G5 is on the high side: about 17,000-25,000 yuan per unit. Other models sell for 8,000 to more than 10,000.

Advantages and features of Ricoh printheads:

1. The service life is about 2 years;

2. It is not easy to block the nozzle;

3. The printing speed is fast; the Ricoh G5 nozzle speed can reach 20m2;/hour.

4. Although the printing accuracy is not as high as Epson’s, it can still meet the requirements of industrial production. The accuracy can reach 720*1440 dpi. Of course, higher accuracy can also be achieved.

5. Ricoh printheads have good stability and require relatively little maintenance in the future.

Starfire Printhead

Starfire 1024 printhead is the darling of the inkjet market, it is UJIFILM Dimatix introduced as a landmark printhead product. Starfire 1024 head uses RediJet internal circulation technology, variable ink droplet technology, detachable maintenance structure, and high-density nozzle design. Almost to meet the high standards of industrial inkjet printing needs. As the first repairable head, each part of Starfire 1024 (nozzle panel and each piece of nozzle sheet, etc.) can be demolished, cleaned, repaired, replacement, and re-precision positioning installation, which greatly reduces the user’s machine cost and long-term use costs. At the same time, the Starfire 1024 head had several precision calibration positioning points inside and outside. The demolition and installation of precise are easy to operate, reducing the head’s cost of repair settings and calibration.

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