How often do I change the ink sacs for white ink printers?

Friends who use white ink hot stamping printers may have such questions, how often do you change the ink damper of white ink printers? How long does the printer ink damper last?

In fact, the replacement of the ink damper of the white ink printer is not fixed time, if properly maintained can be used for a long time, if the maintenance is not good, it may need to be replaced every once in a while. So how to maintain the ink damper of the white ink hot stamping printer, let’s explore it together!

In the selection of ink damper or ink, should try to use the same brand of ink cartridges and ink, or use one and then use another, after changing the ink should be tested to print to confirm whether there is a problem, because the ink contains chemical reagents, if the two inks are mixed, it is likely to produce ink breakage or ink blocking phenomenon.


However, if your white ink hot stamping printer is not used or used for a long time, there will be a failure such as unclear printing, breakpoints, broken wires, etc., then you need to use the method of printing head cleaning to solve. Most white ink hot stamping printers automatically clean the print head at the boot and have buttons to clean the print head. If it is still not solved, you need professional personnel to check and repair it, do not operate privately, unprofessional operation may cause greater damage to the white ink printer.

Actually, the printer is mainly used to print the computer processing results on the printing film, and the computer’s calculation results or intermediate results are printed on the printing film in accordance with the specified format of the numbers, letters, symbols, and graphics that the machine can recognize. The whole process of the computer and the printer connection is inseparable, and must be well maintained to make the white ink printer longer service life.

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