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How to clean the ink cartridge print head? Cleaning explanation

In the printing process, we often encounter the problem of blocking the printer ink cartridges, when we need to clean the printer ink cartridge nozzle. If you have no way to deal with these faults, then it will be a matter of spending money and effort but also affect normal work. So, as the owner of the printer, we must learn to deal with these daily faults. Let’s take a look at how to clean the ink cartridge nozzle.


1. Head blockage If you often use ink filling, head blockage is the most common failure. The most common solution is to use the driver to clean the nozzle several times, which generally can be successful. If several consecutive washes fail, even the more you clean the line break, then turn off the printer, let the cartridge stand still for 10-20 hours, and try cleaning it again several times on the second day. If it can’t be solved, you can only clean it out. The simplest method is to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine and inject about 20 ml of special cleaning liquid into the cleaning machine, which can also be used with absolute alcohol instead. Put the removed nozzle into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and take the cleaning liquid just did not hold the print head part. Cover the lid of the washer, press the start button, and the machine begins to clean automatically.

Generally, continuous cleaning is not done more than three times, wait for an hour, in continuous cleaning three times. If the plug is very serious, the nozzle can be soaked in the cleaning machine for about 24 hours. The most economical way for the ultrasonic cleaner is to pull the nozzle out of the printer, and then find a smooth container at the bottom, and add a little 95% organic solvent alcohol (necessarily 95% concentration) to the container, limited to the stainless steel edge of the printing head (be careful not to expose the PCB to the alcohol). The soaking time usually ranges from 2 hours to 4 days. The advantage of soaking is that the cleaning effect is good and it is not easy to cause physical damage to the printing head.

The disadvantage is that the time required is longer, and it is difficult to solve the user’s urgent need. Another method is to inject the distilled water with the syringe into the cartridge through the vent of the cartridge, and then the distilled water can be sucked out with the syringe so that the remaining ink in the cartridge can be cleaned many times.

Print head stuffed—— homemade cleaning black box sprinkler plug —— the most worrying way to clean the nozzle is to prepare a set of discarded ink cartridges, buckle the top of the waste ink cartridges, take out the sea cotton inside, clean the ink cartridges, and then use the top 2 / 3 of the original to re-glue to the ink cartridge. When the cartridge is stuck, change the above cartridge to the blocked color position, and then fill the cartridge with pure water, alcohol, and other special cleaning solution, placed for several hours. Time can be controlled according to the degree of blockage, and can be repeatedly operated in the middle of the whole process, the water in the cartridge can not dry up. If the chip on the ink cartridge is replaced, the appropriate use of cleaning procedures, the effect is better.


2. The waste ink bin after the printing head is called the waste ink, waste ink too much will overflow the waste ink bin, especially the filling ink or modification even supply will aggravate the generation of waste ink. When the waste ink of the waste ink bin reaches the upper limit set by the manufacturer, it will stop printing. At this time, two tasks should be done: one is to implement the zero setting of the waste ink count so that the printer can resume printing, that is, zero; the second is to clean the waste ink bin, and clean or replace the waste ink pad.

First of all to say zero, at present from the website download or from the dealer to get zero software can be zero. However, it needs to be reminded that clearing is only a palliative method because although the printer can print normally after clearing zero, the waste ink still exists and will accumulate more and more, when the day is full, there will be a “water overflowing Jinshan” scene. Therefore, zero clearance is only a symptom, and can only temporarily solve the problem, if you want to cure the root cause, you need to clean up the waste ink.


3. Cleaning waste ink pad at the bottom of the printer, almost the printer unloading eight fast to complete, need very patience and care, it is suggested that the printer disassembly had better find a piece of paper to record the disassembly steps or shoot the disassembly steps so as not to install back. After unpacking the printer, take out the waste ink bin cotton felt, place it in clean water, take it out, wash it, dry it, and put it in again.

If the waste ink pad can be bought in the market, or find some thick cotton pad to change also line, the premise must be strong water absorption. If you think it’s too difficult to remove the printer, then you can use a simpler method, that is, using the suction and sticking methods to solve the waste ink problem. Sucspiration is to use the syringe needle into the waste ink bin, and suction out the waste ink inside. Glue is the use of toilet paper, with tweezers clipped into the waste ink bin, use toilet paper to stick the waste ink, and then clip out the toilet paper is still off, repeat many times until clean.

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