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How to Maintain the Print Head of Inkjet Printer During the Long Holiday?

How should we maintain the inkjet printer during the holidays? Here are some suggestions for you, I hope they will be helpful to you.

Ways to Maintain the Inkjet Printers

1. If the company has someone on duty during the holidays, please print a nozzle test strip every day to check whether the print head is clogged. If it is clogged, please perform cleaning operations to ensure that the print head remains in good condition. It is best to make a composite black block with a color value of about 50-90 and print it once a day, at least 60cm wide and 20cm long.​

2. If the company is unattended. Before leaving:
(1) Print a test strip to ensure that the print head is in normal condition and there is no ink interruption.​
(2) For machines that use solvent or eco-solvent ink, use a clean cotton swab and special cleaning fluid; for machines that use water-based ink, use a cleaning stick and purified water (! Note: purified water is best, never tap water) to wipe the print head clean. (! Note: It is best to wipe in one direction, do not apply in a circular motion)
(3) For machines with sleep settings, turn on the automatic cleaning and flash spray functions after the machine sleeps. Do not turn off the main power of the machine, just turn off the operating power. After turning on the sleep setting, the machine will automatically perform print head cleaning or flash spraying according to the interval you set.​
(4) You can set a high or low-end model for the print head of the photo machine. Try to set the machine nozzle as low as possible so that the nozzle and the ink stack are as closed as possible.
(5) If the indoor temperature is close to 0℃ or the machine has been shut down for more than 10 days or the ink tube is leaking and the ink stack and printhead cannot be closed normally, it is recommended to pull out the ink cartridge and seal it, remove the ink from the ink tube and clean the tube, and disassemble the print head and then clean it, apply special protection fluid on the print head, and wrap it with plastic wrap.​

Some people think that the clogging of the printhead of the photo machine does not matter. I would like to remind you that the clogging may require repeated cleaning of the print head and may cause problems such as oblique spraying, deflection, flying ink, etc. The service life of the nozzle will be shortened, and severe blockage may occur, such as ink leakage, side leakage, and diaphragm rupture, causing the print head to be directly scrapped. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the maintenance of the photo machine during the holidays.

Four Maintenance Methods for Flatbed Printers

(1). Before starting the equipment, the printhead and ink supply system must be cleaned and maintained to ensure their normal operation.

(2). During the holidays, it is best to use the equipment’s own cleaning program every 3-4 days to moisten the ink channels or print nozzles with ink to prevent the ink from drying out and clogging the print nozzles and ink tubes. It should be noted that the ink cartridge and ink supply system cannot be removed to avoid air entering and affecting the life of the printhead.
(3). If no one is responsible for maintenance at that time, you need to disassemble the printhead, wrap it with plastic wrap after cleaning, and place it in the warehouse. If it is needed, install it again. This can extend the service life.
(4). During the long vacation, the equipment should be stored in a dry, clean environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight, and attention should be paid to appropriately increasing ventilation and heat preservation. It is best to keep the temperature between 15-40° and the humidity 20%-70% to avoid a lot of dust covering the surface of the equipment.

If there are unused ink cartridges that have been replaced during use, it is best to find a sealed box and put the ink cartridge upright, but it should not be left for too long, because this may cause the ink to evaporate or deteriorate due to contact with the air, causing clogging of the print head, and this also has a certain impact on the print head circuit.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if you move the printer frequently, it is best to leave the ink cartridge in the printer and fix it with tape, and calibrate it before use to improve printing accuracy and quality. Generally, users will use it after 1 to 2 months. It’s a good idea to do this as well.


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