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How to Make the Right Choice Among Ricoh Printheads for UV Printers?

With the development of industrial applications, Ricoh printheads for UV printers are being used more and more widely, and Ricoh printheads have also entered this industry. Ricoh printheads are also industrial-grade printheads and are currently widely used. In China, Ricoh printheads are a rapidly emerging, recognized printhead with good results.

Main Models of Ricoh Printheads: G5、G6、G5i

Ricoh Gen5 /7PL, 1280 nozzles, 8 gray levels, ignition frequency: 60KHZ, suitable for water-based, solvent, oil-based, and UV inks. It is the most widely used printhead in recent years, not only has a long service life, but also the color and fineness of the print are very good. The clarity is close to the effect of the Epson printhead, the color is rich and colorful, and the ratio is about 85% close to the original image, which is suitable for the current market of painting, relief, and varnish technology. The speed is 4-5 times that of the Epson printhead.

Ricoh Gen6/5PL, 1280 nozzles, this printhead can achieve high-resolution 600dpi printing, the maximum frequency of grayscale is 50kHz, thus improving productivity. The ink compatibility and service life of Gen6 are more than twice that of its predecessor Gen5, and the speed is one-third faster than Gen5. It is more suitable for both production and proofing than Gen5, and the price is more affordable.

Ricoh Gen5i/3PL, 1280 nozzles, supports multi-drop technology, which controls the drop size by merging multiple droplets in the drip before reaching the surface of the medium. It supports grayscale printing. Ricoh G5i printhead is suitable for more cylindrical and high-drop products on the market, such as lipstick tubes, wine bottles, suitcases, etc., but the speed is much slower than Gen5/Gen6, so it is more suitable as a proofing machine and it is more difficult to increase the volume.

Differences Between Ricoh Gen4 Printhead and Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

If we say that Ricoh printheads are the best printheads for UV printers at present, their share in the printing industry is getting higher and higher. As the market becomes increasingly complex, everyone wants to know the difference between Ricoh G4 and G5 printheads. To put it simply, the Ricoh G5 is an upgraded version of the Ricoh Gen4 printhead. One printhead has 4 ink outlets and can produce two colors. The all-steel printhead is relatively stable compared to G5, and its working efficiency is much higher than G4. Today, Johope will share with you the difference between Ricoh G4 and G5 printheads in UV printers. Let’s take a look.

1. Printhead Nozzles

The Ricoh Gen5 printhead has 1280 nozzles, the 4 printhead has 5120 nozzles, and the Ricoh G4 printhead has 384 nozzles, eight printheads are 3072 nozzles. Compared with the Ricoh G4, the speed of the four heads of the Ricoh G5 is more than twice that of the Ricoh G4. Also, the frequency of the Ricoh G5 is 60 Hz, and the Ricoh G4 is 30 Hz, and the inkjet speed will be faster.

2. Working Environment

Ricoh G5 printhead is not affected by the working environment because it is equipped with a constant temperature and circuit insulation system; it is not affected by the temperature and viscosity of the ink and is suitable for various inks. It can print exquisite and clear image quality, and the ink is smooth. Ricoh G4 printhead is limited by the working environment (because there is no constant temperature and circuit insulation, the images printed in winter and summer are different), and the requirements for ink are also higher. It is necessary to use the specified ink, otherwise the UV flatbed printer will have obstructed ink and unclear images during the printing process.

3. Color Setting

Ricoh G5 printheads do not need color matching and are not affected by mechanical errors, but Ricoh G4 printheads are spliced ​​together, color matching is difficult and the error is large.
Each printhead has its outstanding advantages and disadvantages. Whether in terms of comprehensive performance such as printing effect, stability, and printing speed, Ricoh G5 printheads are superior to Ricoh G4 printheads.

Ricoh Printheads: Gen5 Printhead vs. Gen6 Printhead

1. Cost Efficiency

The Ricoh G5 printhead is more affordable than the Ricoh G6. While the G5 printhead might be slightly slower in printing speed compared to the G6, it still offers high printing accuracy at a much lower price. This makes it a suitable option for small flatbed printers.

2. Accuracy and Speed

The Ricoh Gen6 printhead boasts higher productivity and faster printing speeds. With advanced ignition technology, the G6 can significantly increase ink output per minute while maintaining the same resolution and definition. This allows for achieving high-quality prints with fewer passes, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

3. Picture Quality

UV flatbed printers equipped with the G6 printhead not only maintain high output image quality and high-speed production but also enhance ink compatibility and extend the printhead’s service life. This leads to reduced production costs and lower after-sales maintenance expenses.

4. Ink Compatibility

The Ricoh G6 printhead offers superior ink compatibility, supporting UV, water-based, and solvent inks, making it suitable for a wider range of applications. Additionally, it enables simultaneous white color output, embossed technology effect printing, and varnish effect printing, resulting in a more realistic 3D stereoscopic effect. The G6’s higher precision technology also ensures a lower blocking rate, improving print reliability.

More info. about Ricoh G5 vs. G6.

Ricoh Printheads: Gen5 Printhead vs. Gen5i Printhead

Ricoh Corporation offers Gen5 and Gen5i printheads, which are tailored for different printing needs due to their distinct physical characteristics and performance parameters. Below are the key differences and reasons why the Ricoh Gen5i printhead is preferred for cylindrical printers.

 Ricoh Gen5Ricoh Gen5i
Printhead width54mm54mm
Nozzle number12801280
Nozzle spacing42.3um21.1um
Minimum ink droplet size4pl3pl
Printhead height adjustment range0-2mm0-2mm
Inkjet colorCMYKCMYK

The enhanced features of the G5i printhead make it more suitable for cylindrical printing for several reasons:
Precision: The smaller nozzle spacing and droplet size enable the Gen5i to deliver high precision, crucial for printing on curved surfaces.
Speed and Efficiency: The Gen5i’s faster inkjet speed improves production efficiency without sacrificing quality.
Enhanced Detail: The higher resolution and finer droplets of the Ricoh G5i result in better print quality, especially important for cylindrical objects that require intricate detail and uniformity.

In addition to the primary parameters, several other distinctions between Ricoh Gen5 and Gen5i printheads explain why more manufacturers are opting for the Gen5i for cylindrical printers.

1. Inkjet Color

Both the Ricoh Gen5 and Gen5i printheads support CMYK four-color inkjet. However, the Gen5i offers higher color accuracy and better color reproduction, making it more suitable for printing high-quality images and photos.

2. Printhead Service Life

The Ricoh Gen5i printhead boasts a longer lifespan and greater reliability. Its smaller nozzle spacing and droplet size make it easier to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of blockages and malfunctions compared to the Gen5.

3. Compatibility

Thanks to its advanced design and superior performance parameters, the Gen5i printhead is compatible with a broader range of inkjet materials and printing platforms. In contrast, the Gen5 printhead faces more limitations and restrictions, making it less versatile for diverse printing needs.

While both the Ricoh Gen5 and Gen5i printheads can be used for printing cylindrical objects, the Gen5i’s enhanced design and performance parameters make it a better fit for this application. Its superior color accuracy, longer life, easier maintenance, and broader compatibility ensure higher quality and more reliable results. Although the Gen5 printhead can still be used for cylindrical printing, it may not deliver the same level of performance and quality as the Gen5i due to its inherent design and performance limitations.

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