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What Should I Do if the Inkjet Head is Blocked While the Printer is in Use?

The printer head is not often blocked in daily use. Because the company uses it every day, the ink will not stop in the printer nozzle all the time, so the ink condensation rarely occurs. On the contrary, if the color label printer has been idle for a long time and the ink remaining in the print head does not circulate for a long time, it is prone to the situation of jet blockage.

Don’t panic if the printer head is blocked, here are the following two solutions. Of course, if you are not familiar with the printer, you should still do it under the guidance of the supplier.

Soft Blockage of the Printer Head

Soft clogging refers to the fact that the ink only adheres to the surface of the nozzle and the viscosity increases, resulting in incomplete inkjet or failure. This kind of blockage is more convenient to repair. Generally, the original printer has its print head cleaning function, which is simple and fast to operate, and there is no other physical damage. Like Panyue FX series printers, the print head cleaning function can be turned on regularly, which greatly avoids this phenomenon.

 Hard Blockage of the Printer Head

If the printer has been idle for a long time, the ink remaining in the print head is completely solidified. At this time, turning on the print head cleaning function will not help. For this kind of hard blockage, organic solvents must be used to dissolve the ink, such as high-concentration alcohol, and the print head can be wiped and soaked. This requires disassembling the printer. Improper operation may cause damage to the electronic components of the printer. At this time, it is recommended to carry out under the guidance of the manufacturer.

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