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How to Deal with That if the Print Head of an Inkjet Printer Is Blocked?

Inkjet printers are a better choice for users who do not consume much. They are cheap and can print in color, but the printing speed is slower than that of laser printers. The common faults of inkjet printers are unclear printing and clogging of the print head. If the cleaning is not good, you can only replace the print head. Friends who know the price of the print head of an inkjet printer know that if you buy one alone, the price is almost the same as a new printer, so when the print head is blocked, you must be dealt with promptly.

Why is the Print Head Blocked?

Because the print head of the printer is not tightly sealed or placed for a long time after normal printing, the water evaporates excessively, causing the ink droplets to dry on the fine nozzles, so that the ink cannot be ejected normally; usually, it is often manifested as broken lines, color loss, Blurry handwriting, etc.

The blockage of the print head of an inkjet printer can be roughly divided into two categories: ① software cleaning ② manual cleaning

Software cleaning and repairing method: Software cleaning is to use the print head cleaning function in the application tool of the printer driver. The advantage is that the operation is simple and fast; the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal


①Do does not mix ink. Newly purchased ink should not be added to the cartridge in a hurry. First, use a clean disposable syringe to inhale some ink and observe it in a bright place to see if there is any suspended matter in the ink. After standing for 24 hours, observe again to see if the mixed ink has a chemical reaction. If there is a change (such as crystallization, etc.), it means that the compatibility of the two inks is not good, so do not mix them.

② The cleaning method should generally not exceed three times. When the blockage of the printer is not serious, it should be flushed out within three times. If it still cannot be flushed three times, it means that the blockage is serious, and it may not be effective no matter how many times of cleaning, and a lot of expensive ink is wasted. At this time, further treatment should be carried out according to the specific situation

③Due to the phenomenon of “air resistance” between the ink cartridge (such as the sponge-filled type) and the print head, there will be a small amount of irregular disconnection. At this time, there is no need to repeatedly clean it. After some time, it can be used normally after restarting the machine.

Manual Cleaning and Repairing the Print Head Method

1. Immersion Method

Scope of application: lightly blocked
Necessary tools: 95% alcohol, a clean drinking glass, and a metal container with a smooth bottom
Working principle: Dissolve the ink particles one by one with a medium-strength organic solvent, pay attention to the use of 95% organic solvent alcohol, otherwise, it will be counterproductive

Solution: first find a metal container with a smooth bottom surface, and add a little 95% organic solvent alcohol to the container, the alcohol is limited to just covering the stainless steel edge of the print head (be careful not to let the PCB board come into contact with the alcohol)

The soaking time generally ranges from 2 hours to 4 days. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good, and it is not easy to cause physical damage to the print head; the disadvantage is that it takes a long time and it is difficult to solve the urgent needs of users.

2. Pressure Cleaning Method

Scope of application: Obstructed feelings are heavier
Necessary tools: 95% alcohol, clean cups, a disposable injector, a disposable infusion set
Working principle: Using the pressure generated by the siphon action of the syringe, the organic solvent, alcohol, is injected into the print head, to achieve the effect of cleaning and drying the nozzle.

Solution method: Use the plastic tube or needle part of a disposable infusion set to make the interface between the syringe and the ink supply port of the print head (the joint must be tight). In the organic solvent alcohol with a concentration of 95%, the alcohol is inhaled through the print head (note that it can only be inhaled) into the syringe needle and inhaled several times. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good. Generally clogged printheads can be cleaned by this method. It is worth noting that when inhaling alcohol, the force is even and consistent, and generally does not cause physical damage.

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