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How to replace the printer ink cartridge?

Office employees need to use a printer because basic office workers are equipped with a printer. There is a low amount of toner before the printer changes the cartridge. The replacement of ink cartridges can be bought online, and can also be bought from the manufacturer, it is recommended to buy from the manufacturer, after all, the online purchase is not sure genuine.

For general scanning, printing one of the printers in the following can be opened, and the ordinary printer after lifting the cover can be pulled out.

Tools  / Feedstock


Printer’s new ink cartridge

Methods / Steps

First, two parts under the printer can be disassembled, the bottom one is for paper, and the top one is of course the place where you put the cartridges in place. Use your hands, place them on both sides of the printer, and pull out

Second, see a green button on the left side of the box, press it up and down, and you are in the right position. Green press down, and black can be drawn out.

Third, hold down the green button not to put, the right hand drag the toner box, and pull it out together. The cartridge is pulled out along with the box containing the cartridge.

Fourth, the ink cartridge is pulled out together with the box of the ink cartridge, so this step is to separate them, you only need to gently hold the ink cartridge with the right hand, pull the left hand of the box of the ink cartridge is easily separated

Fifth, take out the old ink cartridge, and put on a new ink cartridge, the same method, hold the new ink cartridge with the right hand, the left hand pull the side of the box, and gently put in the completion. There may be black toner in the middle falling on the table, installed and then cleaned up.

Sixth, after the new cartridge and the box of the cartridge are placed together, press the green button, and the third step, but put in, after adjusting the next position, cover the outside cover can. When the lid is covered, the printer will run automatically, and you can print after heating up.

For Your Attention

Replace the cartridge may be in the middle of the black toner dropped on the table, and then clean up.

The green button is the main part of Oh, be sure to hold down the problem is ok.

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