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6 tips to Make Your UV Printers a Longer Life

Whether it is a laser printer or an inkjet printer, it is always “squeaky” in front of the normal operator. during operation, if it is slightly inadvertent, there may cause different problems, which is troublesome. If we pay attention to some details, we can avoid some troubles; in addition, proper control of some operations can also greatly improve printing efficiency.

six tips for you below:

1. when moving your UV printer, be careful not to carry the printing platform to move, to lift the bottom of the machine, or slightly up the sheepskin. There is just one part at the bottom of the leather that can hold the case with both hands to move the UV printer.

2. The way to add ink to the printer. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of ink supply methods for printers. One is a separate ink cartridge and the other is a continuous ink supply system. However, both ink supply systems have a complete set of similar working components, ink cartridges, print heads, cleaning units, ink tubes, and waste ink bottles…In the case of ink refilling or ink tube failure, you can use a syringe to pump air at the bottom of the ink cartridge until ink enters the syringe, or the ink tube on the waste ink bottle can also suck ink. In addition, when adding ink Note that adds ink to the external ink cartridge 2/3, not too much.

3. Printer height adjustment. Generally, the uv printer in the market mainly detects the height of the object by infrared rays. Before the printing command is issued, the object should be placed first. If it is a transparent object, the height of the object needs to be measured first. Preferably, the distance between the object and the nozzle is higher. Raise the object to the proper distance from the nozzle.

4. To eliminate static electricity, generally the current manufacturers have not noticed, in fact, static electricity sometimes causes huge damage, when the printer is connected to the power supply, you should connect to the socket of the three jacks, if not, you can make an external wire from the metal case, and the external wire can be grounded. It is only necessary to pay attention to the surface of the object when the layer is sprayed. It does not need to be too thick. In addition, pay attention to uniform coating, it is recommended to buy a spray gun, so that the spray coating will be very uniform.

5. the printed picture is striped, generally speaking, the belt drive is commonly used in A3+ format machines, and there are generally two possibilities for stripes. The two accessories that store data are dirty (raster bars and gratings). It is necessary to wipe the grating strip or sheet. On the one hand, the nozzle may be rubbed, or bumped, or the inkjet hole is clogged. First, test the strip to see if the nozzle is blocked. If it is cleaned, it will be fine.

6. the nozzle drops ink, when this happens, the printed products will be mostly defective, there are several possibilities. 1. The rubber ring of the cleaning unit is not sealed properly. It is OK to change the rubber ring. 2. After the nozzle is hit, ink droplets gather at the bottom of the nozzle, and it is better to wipe it with a cotton ball. 3, the negative pressure is a bit high.

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