Epson 5113 to 4720 Decoder Card for Epson Inkjet Printer


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: Epson Locked Decoder Card 
  • Type: Locked Decoder Card 
  • Printing Type: Inkjet Printer 
  • MOQ: 1PC 
  • Feature: Original and New 
  • Package: Carton Box with Sponge 

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Product Details

1. Decoder is an important component in the field of digital signal processing. It is usually used to convert a digital signal into a readable form, for example, to decode a digital image signal into a visible image for display.

2. Epson 5113 to 4720 decoder card for Epson inkjet printer which is helpful for the printer to restore high-definition images and make the image fidelity higher. Improve the printing accuracy, make the image print clearer, and meet your printing needs.

3. Epson 5113 to 4720 decoder card for Epson inkjet printer is helpful to quickly process data files of various formats and output information that is easy to read.


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