Thick Dust-Free Printhead Cleaning Cloth(Box-Packed)


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: Thick Dust-Free Printhead Cleaning Cloth(Box-Packed)
  • Size: 9*9,thick
  • Moq: 1 bag, 150 pcs in one bag
  • Use for: All Inkjet Printheads
  • Application: Jet Head, SMT Circuitboard, Super-Clean Workbench, Precise Instrument&Gauge, Horologeand

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

The surface of the 100% continuous polycool fiber double woven fabric is soft and can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces, with low dust production and no defiber friction, and good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for a cleaning workshop. The edge of the dust-free cloth is sealed by the most advanced edge cutting machine, and will not leave particles and threads after wiping, and the decontamination ability is strong. Can use two sides of the edge sealing, the other two sides of the hot sealing method, or four sides of the edge sealing, can provide better edge protection


(1) Excellent dust removal effect with anti-static function

(2) Efficient water absorption

(3) Softness will not damage the surface

(4) Provides adequate wet and dry strength

(5) Low ion release


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