HY-10 Small Ink Pump HY-10(3W-12V)


Basic Info.

  • Product name: HY-10 Small Ink Pump (3w-12v)
  • Type: HY-10 Ink Pump
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Power: 3W
  • Flow/Pressure: 100 ml/min
  • Weight: 66g
  • Ink Type: Solvent Ink/Eco-Solvent Ink
  • Advantage: Superior Stability, High Quality and Low Cost
  • Applicable Industries: MachineryRepair Shops, Retail, Printing Shops, Advertising Companies

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. This ground-breaking item has been created to give your printer trustworthy and effective ink. The HY-10 small ink pump is a hassle-free option for both pros and hobbyists who want to update their printing system because it is simple to install and use. This product has been made to last thanks to its high-quality construction, giving you the best return on your investment.

2. It offers a modest flow rate of 3W, making it perfect for applications requiring small-scale printing. This ink pump is powerful despite its small size, making sure that your printer always has a sufficient supply of ink.

3. The HY-10 small ink pump comes in a big format if you require a higher flow rate. This version’s high flow rate makes it perfect for applications requiring large-scale printing. Additionally, it can be used with a voltage of 12V, which offers the required voltage to guarantee the highest possible ink production.

4. The HY-10 ink pump offers the most versatility and simplicity of use because it was created with the end user in mind. It won’t obstruct your printing process because of its low noise production. Additionally, due to its modest size, it can easily fit in small locations, making it the perfect choice for small workshops and DIY enthusiasts.

Product name & typeVoltagePowerFlow/PressureWeightCharacteristics
KHF-10 small ink pump24v3w100-200ml/m66gDiaphragm pump

Low noise


KHF-30 big ink pump12v/24v7w300-400ml/m230g
KHF-30 air pump12v/24v7w80-90kpa 65-70kpa146g
HY-10 small ink pump12v/24v3w100-200ml/m66g
HY-20 pump24v7w50kpa230g
HY-30 big ink pump24v4.4w300-450ml/m146g
HY-30 air pump24v7w80-90kpa 65-70kpa146g
KHF-10 UV small ink pump12v/24v3w100-200ml/m66g
KHF-30 UV big ink pump12v/24v7w300-400ml/m230g


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