Inkjet Printer Buffer Bottle with Sensor for XuLi Printing Machine


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: Xuli Sub Tank
  • Printing Type: Inkjet Printer
  • Type: Buffer Bottle
  • Use For: Wit-color Allwin Xuli ect Printers
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Applicable Industries: Advertising Company, Printer Spare parts, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, etc.

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Product Details

1. The cutting-edge answer to all your printing needs is here: the Xuli sub tank. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, this device promises to consistently deliver high-quality and dependable results.

2. High-quality materials were used in the construction of the Xuli sub tank, guaranteeing its sturdiness and lifetime. It is affordable for both professionals and hobbyists and is simple to install and maintain.

3. In order to prevent the ink from breaking during the printing process, a buffer bottle is generally set between the ink cartridge and the nozzle to stabilize the ink level and inkjet pressure, while discharging the gas in the ink.

4. This buffer bottle can be used in various industries including hotels, building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food and beverage factories, farms, restaurants, homes, retail stores, printing shops, construction works, energy, and mining.

5. This Xuli sub tank’s hassle-free installation technique makes it possible to quickly attach it to your machine. It was created with the end user in mind. It is also simple to maintain and requires little care, making it a great option for anyone who values efficiency and convenience.


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