KNF Original Small Ink Pump


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: KNF Original Small Ink Pump
  • Type: PML5129-NF10
  • Printing Type: Inkjet Printer
  • U: 24V DC
  • P: 3.4w
  • Pmax: +100kPa (1bar)
  • Flow: 300-400ml/min
  • Positive/Negative: 80-95kpa/65-75kpa
  • Suitable Printer: Roland Mimaki Mutoh Printer

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. The KNF pump is a mechanical device with a pressure release valve on top of the cartridge and a little trigger at the front. Anyone serious about their machine needs the hot sales original 24V solvent KNF small ink pump. Its ability to offer high-performance and reliable outcomes makes this little but powerful pump a crucial feature of printer spare parts shops.

2. This ink pump, which was constructed using cutting-edge technology, can generate a maximum flow rate of 3.3 L/min at a pressure of up to 10.2 bar. Its small size makes it simple to install and maintain, and its exceptional endurance guarantees dependable, long-lasting performance.

3. This pump is manufactured with high-quality components that guarantee its dependability and durability. It has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, and a self-priming mechanism ensures simple operation even in challenging conditions.

4. This ink pump is very simple to use and provides outstanding performance and durability. Its straightforward design and low setup and maintenance requirements make it the perfect option for anyone looking for a hassle-free ink pump for their CNC machine.

Product name & typeVoltagePowerFlow/PressureWeightCharacteristics
KHF-10 small ink pump24v3w100-200ml/m66gDiaphragm pump

Low noise


KHF-30 big ink pump12v/24v7w300-400ml/m230g
KHF-30 air pump12v/24v7w80-90kpa 65-70kpa146g
HY-10 small ink pump12v/24v3w100-200ml/m66g
HY-20 pump24v7w50kpa230g
HY-30 big ink pump24v4.4w300-450ml/m146g
HY-30 air pump24v7w80-90kpa 65-70kpa146g
KHF-10 UV small ink pump12v/24v3w100-200ml/m66g
KHF-30 UV big ink pump12v/24v7w300-400ml/m230g



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