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Mutoh 1618 Flash Pad Mutoh 1618


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: Mutoh 1618 Capping
  • Printing Type: Inkjet Print
  • Function: Ink Absorption
  • Suitable for: Mutoh VJ1604 and VJ1618 Printers
  • Applicable Industries: Printing Shops, Advertising Companies, etc.

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. The Mutoh VJ1604 and VJ1618 printers’ capping station is intended to accommodate this cap top flawlessly. It is constructed from premium materials that ensure a lengthy lifespan. The print head must remain moist to avoid drying out, and this is made possible by the cap top. In order to prevent clogging and maintain print quality, the Mutoh 1618 capping makes sure that the ink is fed into the print head properly.

2. Clogs in your print head and decreased print quality can result from this component failing. Therefore, it is essential to frequently replace the cap top to guarantee that your printer is operating at peak efficiency. It could be time to change the cap top if you observe a decline in print quality or a decrease in ink saturation.

3. This product comes with everything you need for a hassle-free installation process and is simple to install. The cap top should be changed every six months in order to maintain ideal performance and printing quality.

4. In conclusion, the Mutoh 1618 capping is compatible with Mutoh VJ1604 and VJ1618 printers and guarantees optimal printing performance. The device is composed of high-quality materials, is simple to install, and comes with everything you need to get going.



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