Single Glass Sub Tank 90mm Aluminium Sub Tank with 2 Valves for Textile Printer


Basic Info.

  • Product Name: Single Glass Sub Tank 90mm (Aluminium 2 Valves)
  • MOQ: 1PCS
  • Quality: 100% Original
  • Packaging Details: Packing in Boxes or Cartons
  • Model: 90mm Sub Tank
  • Size: 90mm
  • Material: POM glass
  • Applicable Industries: Advertising Company, Printer Spare parts, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, etc.

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. This premium sub tank’s durable design and great performance are intended to improve your projects.This single glass sub tank, which is made of a sturdy aluminum material, is designed to survive the most demanding machining circumstances.

2. With its sleek and contemporary design and transparent glass panel, you can easily check the ink levels and make adjustments as needed. It is able to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With its quality construction and advanced features, this sub tank ensures that your CNC projects stay on track and produce high-quality results.

3. Its two valves that allow for precise control of the coolant flow and pressure are also included in the sub tank. This minimizes the chance of overheating and other performance issues while ensuring that your CNC machine is always operating at its best.

4. This sub tank’s 90mm capacity allows it to carry plenty of coolant, making it perfect for large projects. The tank’s aluminum design also makes it capable of quickly dissipating heat, eliminating any heat buildup that would jeopardize the structural integrity and usefulness of your equipment.


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