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UV Resistant Complex Ink Tube 3.8*2.8/3.6*2.6/3*1.8/3*2


Basic Info.

  • Printing Type: Offset Printing Machine
  • Use: Inkjet Printer
  • Type: UV Ink Tube
  • Condition: New and original
  • Ink Tube: Complex UV tube fit for Epson DX5 Printhead
  • Warranty: Unavailable
  • Size: 3.8*2.8/3.6*2.6/3*1.8/3*2
  • Color: Black

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. As a channel for conveying ink, the ink tube has high-quality corrosion resistance. It is resistant to ink pollution corrosion, ensuring the safety of each part of the ink tube in the ink supply project. It is able to better play the role of connecting the nozzle and the ink cartridge bridge.

2. The ink tube has enough toughness to realize unlimited high-speed back-and-forth movement during the printing process.

3. The production technology of the ink tube is exquisite. The materials will be tested strictly during production. The quality is more reliable because its pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, pressure capacity, and other indicators are stable.

4. It is widely used in various fields due to its high quality and reliable performance, including machinery repair shops, printing shops, advertising companies, garment shops, etc.

5. The imported ink tube 3.8*2.8/3.6*2.6/3*1.8/3*2 suitable for inkjet printers is 50m/50m/50m/100m long and has an inner diameter of 2.8/2.6/1.8/2mm and an outer diameter of 3.8/3.6/3/3mm.

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