Epson 5113 Coded Print Head (5th)


Basic Info.

  • Brand: Epson
  • Active Nozzles: 3200
  • Original or Not: Original
  • New or Used: Brand New
  • Warranty Policy: No Warranty
  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Nozzle Number: 3200pcs
  • Nozzle Array: 400nozzles*8column
  • Ink Type: Water Based Ink

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Product Details

1. Original authentic: High quality, smooth and comfortable lines, pure and soft color.

2. Green environmental protection: Pay attention to multi-directional security to ensure a healthy and ecological working environment.

3. Clear printing: Easy to work, printing for a long time and precise printing, longer storage time.

4. Customized for the printer: Every product detail is refined from the selection of materials to the production of the print head.

5. Based on the reliable performance and high quality, EPSON 5113 Printhead can provide high efficiency for a wide range of applications.


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